With the economy coming back, holiday parties are back in full swing and office morale is improving!
Hornblower Cruises & Events is here to share a few interesting statistics about the state of the corporate holiday party, and how a good holiday party (on a yacht) can impact office morale and general productivity.


86% of companies have holiday parties
67% of employees believe that hosting a holiday party can have an improvement on office morale
42% of holiday parties offer bar options
53% of employees have more fun at the holiday party with their spouse there
71% of employees see a cultural improvement within their companies when an office-wide holiday party is thrown
55% of office holiday parties are planned by admin assistant, executive assistant, or someone in the HR department
Events are increasingly becoming platforms for companies to tell a story or convey a message. Our advice in regards to this trend: KEEP THE HOLIDAY STORY SIMPLE!
Bloomberg spent over $1M on a 7 Deadly Sins themed holiday party!
Download the full infographic today!

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