Congratulations you have made it past the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, sprinkling and icing dozens of star shaped cookies and sipping on too much spiced eggnog. Now that the holiday season is winding down, its time to start thinking about you and your life for 2015! If you’ve made a holiday checklist it’s time to get out that pen again and make a New Years Eve Resolution list for all the things you are wishing to achieve in 2015. Let us help you….

Trying Something New and Refreshing

Ever seen a worldwide attraction that brings in millions of viewers each year? Or how about experiencing the cool, refreshing mist on your face while you hear sounds of thundering roar in the background. Experience Niagara Falls, Canada like never before. Hornblower Niagara Cruises is the official boat tour operator that brings guests on a journey of a lifetime to experience the excitement and realism of the mighty Falls. With a history going back more than 12 million years ago, the Falls offer a breath-taking view for visitors looking to capture 3,160 tons of water per second pouring over the rocks.  Since officially opening in May 2014, we have been offering guests to get the closest possible to the water and sounds. Our state-of-the-art catamarans offer many on board amenities for the comfort and convenience of our guests. Experience the rush of water and sounds of pounding thunder as it pours over the ancient rocks. Put your fears aside and try something new and refreshing.  Throw on our red poncho and let the natural wonder do the work. Take an adventure, as it is sure to be worth every minute.

Getting Your Health On

If you found yourself roaming around the sweets table this holiday season, be sure to toss away your Sweet Tooth patrol hat and step away from chocolate covered rum balls. Let the 2015 season be a tribute to you and your healthy heart. If you like many Canadians and Americans struggle to step out doors during the Winter months be sure to create a space and time where you can kick yourself back into gear. From pulling out your Summer running shoes to stepping on the elliptical machine, there are many ways to step into a new you.

Tip: We suggest bundling up and taking a stroll down the Niagara Parkway. Not only will you be in awe of the stunning and breath-taking beauty from the Falls but you will also be able to work off some of your mother’s chicken dinner and sugar cut-out cookies. Along your walking route you will find the entrance to our  Ticket Plaza just minutes above from Table Rock. Let walking be an enjoyable thing. 

Spreading Joy

This year let 2015 be a good one as in a good gesture one. Every year gathering with family and friends always brings the best out of us and allows us to appreciate so much we often have and sometimes take for granted. Let 2015 be a year where you lend a helping hand in your community by planting trees or donating to local food banks who can use non-perishable food items. See what Hornblower Niagara Cruises has done to lend a hand in our own local community.

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