Whether you’re looking to see the sights of London or want to be dazzled and entertained while enjoying decadent, culinary delights, London is home to some of the most fantastic and immersive dining experiences.


From experiencing fine dining on a moving bus through the capital to watching a glitzy cabaret and circus show over dinner and cocktails, we’ve put together a list of some of the most extraordinary and unusual dining experience to be had in London.


City Cruises’ Dining Cruise

unique dining experiences in londonCan you imagine a better way to see the sights of London than by enjoying afternoon tea, lunch or dinner while cruising down the river Thames? At City Cruises, we offer a wealth of dining options onboard a fantastic Thames River cruise dinner.

Whether you want to join us for our popular afternoon tea cruise or dinner and a live performance, we have the dining experience to suit. From Elvis tribute nights to an immersive Murder Mystery Dinner or a smooth relaxed jazz nights and a delicious dinner on the river! Introducing our first Sunday Brunch! There’s no better way to start a Sunday than by tucking into brunch while sailing down the river for magnificent views of the Thames.

Day or night, you’ll also be able to take in the London sights out on the deck, looking out for the top landmarks that line the river which includes Big Ben, The London Eye, Toer Bridge and more.


Dans Le Noir?

If you’re looking for a unique sensory experience, Dans le Noir? will change your perspective of fine dining by serving you stunning gourmet food in complete darkness. You’ll be waited on by a visually impaired waiter and encouraged to socialise with other guests in the pitch black on sharing tables. This intimate and unique experience is certain to challenge everything you thought you knew about dining.

Iris, Public Relations Officer for Dans le Noir? told us more about the incredible sensory experience. Dans Le Noir? restaurant is a one-of-a-kind role reversal, where our guests experience fine dining in pitch darkness, guided by visually impaired staff.


While you are deprived of sight, your other senses take over and accompany you through an amazing sensory experience.


Our guests get to choose the main component of their meal: meat, seafood or veggies. For the rest, they will have to trust our chef. Of course, we take into consideration any dietary requirements (allergies, preferences). We also offer our concept as a form of team building; wine, beer, cheese tasting and even kids’ tasting.


Circus London

If you’re looking for dinner and a show that you won’t be able to stop talking about, Circus London offers diners the chance to watch an extraordinary cabaret and circus show that will amaze and thrill you while you enjoy sumptuous, decadent food and drink.

Denby, Events Manager for Circus London told us more about the restaurant’s staggering show and venue. – “Circus is a unique and quirky cabaret restaurant and cocktail bar in London’s vibrant Covent Garden, the ultimate one-stop-shop. The perfect venue in London for before-dinner cocktails, after-work drinks, dinner, entertainment and a late-night bar. Circus is a restaurant and show with a difference, brought to life by an amazing and outrageous pop-up circus. Expect the unexpected as you see aerialists, contortionists, hand balancers, fire-breathers, hula-hoopers and much more.”


London in the Sky

Eating a meal against far-reaching views over London doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary, but rather than enjoying the sights from a big skyscraper, what if we told you your table would be hoisted up and suspended 100ft above London?

London in the Sky offer it’s diners just that – the chance to enjoy delectable courses, afternoon tea and brunch while taking in the sweeping sights of London from all angles. Hear the busy London streets below and feel the gentle wind in your hair on a one-of-a-kind dining experience right next to The O2.


quirky dining in london


Jungle Cave

jungle cave dining in london

Jungle Cave offers an enchanting experience suitable for all ages. If you are a lover of animals and ready for a wild adventure untangle the thick tendrils of the jungle, grab onto a vine because this is your chance to see Jungle Caves’ animal friends right in their habitat!

The adventure begins right at the cave’s entrance where the gift shop located! You will then dine in the jungle rainforest surrounded by nature, with climate surroundings achieved through a thunderstorm effect and ambiance sounds! Greeted by Jungle Caves resident animal mascots whilst eating a delicious meal, fit for jungle royalty, and prepared on-site.


Bustronome London

Hop on board Bustronome, a high-end double decker bus that stands out for its panoramic dining room, a delightful way to discover food and wine while you visit iconic monuments of the capital!

Putting a spin on fine dining, the unrivalled combination between beauty and leisure on board their luxury bus restaurant will provide a different experience ready to awaken your senses. Discovering beautiful views of London while you enjoy the best of its gastronomy! Either to dine for lunch or dinner you will be in for a treat!

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FAQs – London Unique Dining Experiences (2024)

What are some unique dining experiences available in London?
London offers a range of unique dining experiences, from dining in the dark at a sensory restaurant to enjoying afternoon tea on a vintage bus.

Can I find unusual cuisines in London for a distinctive dining experience?
Yes, London’s diverse culinary scene includes restaurants serving cuisines from around the world, offering unusual and exciting flavors.

Are there dining options for those looking for a quirky atmosphere in London in 2024?
Absolutely, you can dine in quirky venues like an old tube carriage, an underwater restaurant, or even a restaurant set in a prison.

Where can I find unusual rooftop dining experiences in London?
London has several rooftop restaurants offering stunning views of the city skyline, making for an unforgettable dining experience.

What are some unique dining experiences for couples in London?
Couples can enjoy unique dining experiences such as dinner aboard a vintage double-decker bus, romantic canal boat dining, or dining in a candlelit wine cave.

How is City Cruises’ dining experience unique in London?
City Cruises offers a truly unique dining experience by allowing you to enjoy a meal on a cruise along the Thames River, providing stunning views of London’s landmarks as you dine.

What types of unique dining experiences are available with City Cruises?
City Cruises offers a variety of dining experiences, including standard sightseeing cruises with onboard dining, afternoon tea cruises, and special event cruises like Valentine’s Day dinners.

What makes dining with City Cruises unusual compared to traditional restaurants?
Dining with City Cruises is unusual because it combines a delicious meal with the ever-changing backdrop of London’s iconic landmarks, creating a dynamic and memorable dining setting.

Is City Cruises suitable for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries?
Yes, City Cruises is an excellent choice for special occasions, offering the chance to celebrate with a unique and romantic dining experience on the water.

Can I book a private dining experience with City Cruises for a more exclusive meal?
Certainly, City Cruises often offers private charter options, allowing you to enjoy a personalized dining experience with your own group in a unique setting.

What landmarks can I expect to see during a dining experience with City Cruises?
A City Cruises dining experience typically includes views of landmarks like the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and the Houses of Parliament, making it an unforgettable experience.