We’re Keeping it ‘Green’

There May be Four Seasons in Niagara, but Hornblower Niagara Cruises keeps it ‘Green’ year round.
Hornblower Niagara Cruises is committed to respecting our planet through a number of eco-friendly practices, including: preventing pollution, reducing water, conserving energy, and applying alternative energy technologies. 

Whether it is the building of the boats, to the 100% corn-based compostable packaging used for food and beverage, to the number of recycling bins located on and off-board board the vessels; we are keeping it green to produce a healthier and cleaner experience for all of our guests and visitors. 


Oh the great outdoors! Experience fresh air and the work of Mother Nature on our 700-passenger state-of-the-art built catamarans. To practice what we preach, all of Hornblower fleets and vessels are built and designed to operate in the greenest of standards by replacing old engines with new ultra- efficient engines, complying with ETA Tier 2 Clean Standards, and the proper usage of biodiesel and carbon offset program for select cruises. 

On and Off Board Energy Consumption

Hornblower believes in minimizing electricity in facility and in vessel operations by using:

•T-8 Florescent lighting retrofits
•Use Xlerator hand dryers, which use 80% less energy 
•Purchase Energy Star rated electronics, appliances and office equipment, lighting, food service equipment
•Photocopiers and printers have duplex and sleep capabilities
•Utilize water conserving fixtures and appliances
•Use of low VOC or Zero VOC paints and adhesive 
•Exclusive use of environmental friendly cleaning products 

Food and Beverage

We’re keeping it fresh, healthy and delicious at Hornblower Niagara Cruises. From our 100% compostable corn-based materials used for food packaging to sourcing locally grown produce, we are committed to serving organically delicious, mouth-watering culinary selections for all of our guests and visitors.  

For more information on how we keep it green at Hornblower Niagara Cruises, visit: www.respectourplanet.com or visit us o Facebook at: www.facebook.com/niagaracruises