Welcome to 2016 Brides and Grooms! This is your year! Unless your year is next year… then never mind.

As is usual during the beginning of a new year, there are changing wedding trends and we are excited that we can ring in 2016 with innovative ideas or old ones made new. Not to mention, Hornblower finally has an excuse to get rid of those less than lovely trends…I won’t mention which ones, because well, you know, what comes around goes around right?! Let’s keep our minds open and our karma clean…

Wedding Wire’s top trends for 2016 have come out and cover all sorts of ideas, from break away skirts on wedding dresses to high tight buns (the ones you might find on a ballerinas head, not the ones found under a breakaway wedding gown).

Additionally, I’d like to share two of my favorite new trends, love and cake…

Let’s start with love. I love LOVE. I am a true romantic and that is, in fact, what inspires me to make other’s romantic wedding dreams come true. The trend Wedding Wire is referring to is the actual word “love.” Since I also happen to love words this is a doubly appealing trend and I gotta say- wait for it- I love it! The word love is showing up everywhere! Banners, signs, marquee lights- Oh My! You might even find the word love on a wedding cake. Perfect segue, right?!

I personally never ever care what the trend is with cake, just let them eat CAKE! Whenever I meet a couple who are not “cake people,” I’m heartbroken. If I go to a wedding without cake or a very small “cutting cake,” seriously, a little part of me dies inside. Just to clarify, cupcakes are totally acceptable.

The new cake trend, or resurrected and improved tradition, is textured butter cream. This “trend” has been around for ages, but the new year has brought this to new levels. Now, don’t panic, the classic romantic swirls and roses still abound but cake decorators have added more textures to their repertoire, giving us buttercream spackled confection artistry reflecting tree bark and crinkle, ruffles, finely placed lines and sweeping arcs, all done up in white, ivory and hombre! I’ve even seen cakes laced with WORDS.

Whether your cake is textured in breathtaking buttercream, charmingly unfrosted or in the form of a cupcake, let it be a reflection of you and yours!

May your day be filled with sweetness and LOVE!

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