Lady Liberty has a special place in the heart of New Yorkers.

Her presence is striking, practically goddess-like. One glance at her, and you’ll understand why New Yorkers’ idolize her. Her spirit of unity and love shines, and here at Hornblower, we’ve created an experience to help you feel it too. We asked locals for their personal feelings about the Lady. Their responses filled our hearts with New York Pride!

“It makes me think of how lucky I am to have freedom. It solidifies that the United States of America is for everyone.” -Annelie Rios

“It represents inspiration & hope for a unified country as well as an opportunity to create a better life.” -John Santore

“The Statue of Liberty is a fierce lady. She symbolizes the American Dream and what one can make of themselves.” -Vivian Cabrera

Back by popular demand is our Lady Liberty Lunch Cruise. This relaxing cruise makes for a perfect weekday outing for any age. Fun and scenic, this cruise offers a unique alternative to lunch in New York City. With live DJ entertainment, a lavish lunch buffet, and first-class service, it’s no wonder why the people wanted this cruise back.

Runs May – October on Wednesday – Friday.
Boards at at 11:30AM.
Cruises from 12PM-2PM.

Get ready to See New York. Be New York.

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