Hornblower prides itself on doing its best for the environment. That’s why we were the first passenger vessel company in the United States to build and run a hybrid fueled yacht.

More recently, our Executive Chef, Scott Hauser, took the pledge to go local when it comes to sourcing the delicious food you’ll find on our cruises.

Baldor is a major produce supplier to Hornblower, you’ll find it in food across almost all of our cruises from our sophisticated à la carte dinner on the New York City Lights Dinner Cruise, to our popular Jazzy Champagne Brunch and Lady Liberty Lunch Cruises.

Just like Hornblower, Baldor likes to do its best when it comes to thinking locally and acting globally. As a result, they introduced Baldor’s Local Pledge.

What does the Pledge involve? By pledging to support local farmers and businesses, Hornblower gives permission to supply locally sourced goods whenever they are available… even if this means paying a little bit extra.

Along with our commitment to donate food to City Harvest, and our decision to take Baldor’s local pledge, these are just a couple of the many small but important ways in which Hornblower New York is dedicated to doing its best for this amazing city.

In every way, Hornblower is committed to giving back to a community that has been so welcoming to us and whose people are the smiling faces that make us what we think is a pretty great company.

Ok, enough of the horn blowing.

We hope to see you soon, so you can taste the difference on one of our dining cruises and support local farmers and producers at the same time.

Find out more about our dining cruises here.

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