From twisting, jumping to wiggling (and no I am not referring to a children’s television show) our famous Canadian maple leaf red poncho is the most noted attire when visiting Hornblower Niagara Cruises and also most spotted attire while walking the streets in Niagara Falls, Canada. Since opening in May, we have welcomed over 1-million visitors who have proudly sported their rain gear all the while showing of their Canadian spirit. After putting their Canadian spirit aside there comes the famous question, ‘How do you put this thing on?’ The one-size fits all plastic cover may look like an easy task, but think again! Between finding your arm and head socket, to realizing you just placed it over your entire travel backpack… the complication begins.

After searching for the ‘Best Dressed Poncho Wear’ we found a number of eager models willing to showoff their ponchos choice. In tribute to Ms. Joan Rivers we are rolling out the red carpet and showing off our Niagara Best Dress Poncho List starting with…

The Scholar’

Our model showed off his wear in the Hornblower Landing. From adventurous, to studious the over the shoulders and gently knotted attire gives a fashionable and trendy statement on how to wear this poncho. This wear is best for the warm Summer months that give extra exposure and leave you with a sun kissed tan.

‘The Hipster’

We are stepping back in the late 80s when the sweatshirt around the waist was fashion trend. This gentleman proudly shows off his look that gives a cool and laidback feel when riding the boats. If you are an adventurer and daring to brve the mist be sure to try this look.

‘Family Pack’

We all know that travelling with a family often requires a few more bags and a few more arms. Travelling on our boats with your bags doesn’t have be an issue as our ponchos are spacious enough to protect yourself and your belongings at the same time from the mist.

‘The Daredevil’

This look is almost as daring as JLo’s dress to the Grammys in 2008. With the poncho handed to you upon entrance, many guests often gladly accept it with the exception of a few brave ones wishing to bare themselves against the powerful mist. If it’s a hot one outside, the Falls will feel cool and refreshing, but be prepared if the weather is cool that you might regret not taking a poncho, like our model.

‘The Adventurer’

Classic meets rebellion. Sporting a poncho over your entire body is how we recommend to wear the mist gear like this model pictured. Leave your hood down to show off your daring side.

‘Red Riding Hood’

Red riding hood or the famous garden gnome whichever person or character you compare it to, wearing the hood on your head is always a popular choice among guests wishing to keep it dry. From the back, the pointed hood acts as a shield against the powerful mist, however facing the mist face on can be another story.

Now that you’ve seen just some of the many ways on how to wear a poncho, we want to know what type of poncho personality are you? 

Leave us a comment and let us know how you wore or would like to wear your poncho.