Do The Falls Freeze In the Winter? That’s a questions that visitors and even locals have been asking for years. 

The answer is Yes…well sort of.

This winter, residents of Niagara have been experiencing colder than usual temperatures that has caused the world famous falls to create thick sheets of ice across the Niagara Gorge and River. Although the flow of the Falls does not freeze itself, it’s surrounding including the River and the Gorge do. Meteorologists have been reporting that 2014 has been rated as one of the coldest winters thus far across North America. As for the Falls, visitors continue to flock to the ‘Honeymoon Capital’ to witness the breath-taking and natural beauty. Although Mother Nature has taken its toll on Niagara, it has also left us with incredible sights one in particular that has went viral  and reached hundreds of thousands of fans across social media sites. 

Have a peek at some of the images captured by visitors and locals.