It is always very special to see a dolphin for the first time and to see one in British Waters is even more magical!

In Poole we are proud to (quite regularly) see dolphins on our Poole / Swanage sightseeing and Jurassic Coast cruises. We normally get to see them from June onwards playing in the waters by The Jurassic cliffs but they have even been known to come into the harbour itself. They are as inquisitive about us as we are about them and they love to follow the boat and entertain the passengers.

In Dorset the most common species that will be seen are bottle nose dolphins and these fantastic mammals are the most playful. Our boats do not go to them, they come to our boats.

Bottlenose dolphins can problem solve, show empathy and self-awareness and display emotional intelligence. They have even been known to drive fish into local fishermen nets and eat the fish themselves that fall out!

Did you know?

Dolphins breaching the surface of the water

  • A dolphin’s brain is bigger than a human’s
  • The outermost layer of a dolphin’s skin is shed every two hours!
  • Bottlenose dolphins can weigh up to 1100 pounds – as much as a grand piano or a horse
  • Dolphins have nearly a 360 degree field of vision
  • Dolphins eat 15 – 30 pounds of food per day

Come and join us on a City Cruise and you may get to see them yourself!