When’s the last time you treated Dad to a day out in the New York City?

Usually for Father’s Day, you get friends and family together, turn on the grill, and get right to it. It’s one of the first BBQs of many to come and there’s nothing wrong with that. Dad loves you just as much as Mom does, but we tend to think about giving mom a more lavish experience than dad. Why?

Dad may have taught you to ride your bike without training wheels. He may have painted the walls in your bedroom as you got older. Maybe he helped you pick out your first car, fixed it for you and did the oil changes himself. Dad may have sat with you to help you with your geometry or algebra homework. Dad watched you walk down your high school and college graduation with as much pride and joy as Mom did. Though he may like grilling, maybe it’s time you spoiled him.

On Father’s Day, Hornblower Cruises & Events is hosting a special Father’s Day Beer Brunch Cruise. Mom gets her normal perks of bottomless mimosas, endless food options and astonishing views, but this isn’t about mom.

Dad is the real champ here and he gets everything we mentioned PLUS unlimited beer! Trust us, he’ll love you more than what he already does. Also note, brunch isn’t the only thing we offer, we also offer cruises later during the afternoon and evening such as our Father’s Day Alive After Five Cruise and Father’s Day New York City Lights Dinner Cruise. See below for our cruises and schedules.

Sunday, June 17th

Father’s Day Beer Brunch Cruise:
Boarding: 12:00PM | Cruising: 12:30PM- 2:00PM

Father’s Day Alive After Five Cruise:
Boarding: 5:30PM | Cruising: 6:00PM- 8:00PM

Father’s Day New York City Lights Dinner Cruise:
Boarding: 6:30PM | Cruising: 7:00PM- 10:00PM


-The Hornblower NY Team

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