The search for a spectacular experience is over. Celebrity buffs, history lovers, yacht aficionados, and those seeking a truly unique ambiance have made the Wild Goose a favorite venue. The stateroom in the Wild Goose is now available for rental during dining cruises.

Built as a 136-foot minesweeper for the US Navy, the Wild Goose began its first adventure in WWII. After the war, she became the prized possession for one of the most famous actors in Hollywood—John Wayne. His devotion to the yacht conceived a million dollar renovation. One of his customizations increased the ceiling height to accommodate his 6’4 frame. Wayne entertained notable celebrities such as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and the Rat Pack to name a few, during the last 17 years of his life. The yacht’s travels were well-documented in the book On Board with the Duke.

A Step-Back-In Time Experience

Perfect for those who have a thing for the retro glam midcentury aesthetic, the Wild Goose features three decks, customized woodwork (for you know who), priceless paintings, card table, lounge area, indoor bar and stateroom. Though the stateroom once served as the private cabin for Wayne, it proves to be the ideal romantic space for anniversaries, intimate celebrations and small corporate meetings. You can imagine that more than a few screenplays were discussed around a hand of cards on this yacht.

Featuring the Features

Spend the night of a lifetime perusing our collection of John Wayne artifacts and memorabilia. Enjoy gourmet cuisine prepared by our chefs right on the yacht. Whether you like old-fashioned cocktails or the latest in mixology, we offer the whole range including excellent mocktail options and beer and wine. You may also enjoy:

Private Dining in Stateroom
Bottle of Champagne
John Wayne Book
Five-Course Meal
Meet and Greet with Captain
Informal Tour of Wild Goose
Two Captain’s Hats
Souvenir Photo
To reserve the stateroom call: (310) 301-6000

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