Applying for any job can be stressful and sometimes nerve wrecking, however, we’ve provided some helpful and friendly tips to help you before you conduct your interview to land your dream job at Hornblower Niagara Cruises.


  1. Know Before You Go – Do your research about the company. Find out something interesting that you can bring up as a conservation piece. Employers really enjoy it when you know your information about the business.
  2. What’s in It? -What’s involved in the position you are applying for? Ask yourself what types of jobs will I be completing in this role.
  3. A Juggler – Ask yourself what type of skills are needed from me for the employer.
  4. Know Your Visitor – Find out what type of customers will you be talking to on daily basis


Once you feel comfortable knowing information about the business and the type of work that is involved now comes the big test, the interview.  Be sure to ask yourself these questions the morning of the interview as it prepares you for questions that might come your way.


1.Why do you want this job?

2. How did you become interested in Hospitality and tourism?

3.What do you have to offer this organization?

4.What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?

5.What do you see yourself doing in five years?


We also encourage you to make a list and jot down your work experience, accomplishments and achievements. This will help you feel confident when giving your answers for the interview.

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