A match made in…San Francisco

In this sometimes gray and eclectic city, there are some things that just go together. I’ve got two examples for you. One, the experience of enjoying a perfectly made cappuccino in a North Beach sidewalk café with fog swirling, it’s 54°… and not feeling cold at all. Second—a warm Saturday afternoon on the Dolores Park slope holding a Bi-Rite ice-cream cone (salted caramel, double scoop).

Start relaxing before you even start your cruise

Now I’m pleased to announce there’s another ideal combination.

We’re so excited about this addition in all of our 8 ports that we’re making it really easy for you to try it: get a Free First Ride* (up to $15).

Sign up with the code HORNBLOWER at uber.com/app

It’s our new partnership between Uber and Hornblower Cruises & Events. Uber/Uber EVENTS is now the preferred transportation option for guests on Hornblower cruises. Think about it…why not start your enjoyable cruise with a safe, reliable, and relaxing ride to it? Or perhaps—like I often do—you showed up with friends, and now have to get home after the event. Uber’s got you covered, with gangplank-to-front-door courteous and prompt service.

Convenience, multiplied by 7

What’s really great is this set-up isn’t just for San Francisco. We’ve extended it to the seven other cities where we offer cruises: Berkeley, Sacramento, San Diego, Marina del Rey, Newport Beach, Long Beach, and New York. So wherever you are and whoever you’re with—family, friends, co-workers—the Uber/Hornblower partnership ensures you’ll have a relaxing time from start to finish.

Hop in, it’s free!

Get a Free First Ride* (up to $15). Sign up with the code HORNBLOWER at uber.com/app

See you on board soon!

*Offer applies to first time Uber riders only

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