If you plan on taking a road trip with your children to Niagara Falls, Canada don’t let the four famous words, ‘Are We There Yet?’ be spoken before you leave your neighborhood. We’ve included some interesting games and activities to keep both the kids and yourself happy.
After months of planning, hours of piling your car with almost every toy and pillow in your house, you’re off… just after you stop for a quick washroom break 15-minutes into your trip. Travelling with kids can be exciting and a bit what’s the word, oh yes, overwhelming. Whether you are travelling across Canada or from across the United States for the first time with the family the question is can you survive, relax and enjoy 5,000 miles across open roads? We have the best road travel tips to keep yourself, your spouse and your kids entertained and the best part is that they don’t necessarily involve a tablet or smartphone.

Counting The Plates

When you’re on the road set your eyes to the many license plates representing the many Canadian provinces and American states. When you arrive in Niagara Falls, Canada both yourself and your kids will be impressed with the amount of visitors who travel by car to the destination each year.
child raising arms on boat ride

Canadian Flag Counting 

When you arrive in Canada and in the province of Ontario you will discover the many Canadian flags that are proudly hung outside of homes and businesses. Nothing is better than coming to country that is true, north and strong. Don’t lose track as they are many flags to spot.

Grab Those Brochures

When you arrive in Ontario, stopping at an Ontario Travel Information Centre is a great way for the whole family to learn about the province and its many tourist sights and community events. Be sure to have your kids collect the many different brochures provided, and don’t forget the brochure with the red ponchos on the front cover!
father and son amazed at niagara falls fireworks show in the sky

Know The Facts

Traveling to a world-renowned tourism destination like Niagara Falls, Canada is definitely exciting especially when there is so much to see and learn about. If you ask yourself, ‘How old is Niagara Falls? and if you find yourself pausing for the answer then we recommend visiting  our Explore Falls page for some fun facts and history of the city. HINT: Great to print out to read in the car!

Learning About Hornblower Niagara Cruises

As a kid we all know that feeling of excitement and anticipation that builds up for weeks before you are about to do something new and different for the first time. We understand that feeling especially when Hornblower Niagara Cruises offers a thrilling and unique experience. Known for our famous daytime boat tour to the thundering Falls, we also offer evening cruises, we are conscious about protecting and preserving the environment and we host weddings and special events. Become an expert before you arrive. Visit our website
mother with two young daughters looking at souvenir items

Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words

If your children have access to a smartphone or tablet you may want to get them interested on a famous site known for pictures, then introduce them to Pinterest. The online social tool provides millions of pictures just by typing in specific words. If your kids are excited about visiting the Falls, be sure to visit our Pinterest page to see the many Niagara Falls boards to get them inspired and in love with the love with the city.
family of four under visitor pavilion tent
Remember get your kids involved when planning for the trip and let their trip be a fun and memorable one!
Safe Travels!