Have you been thinking about the perfect vacation that you and your kids can enjoy? Cruising can be a blast for everyone.

Cruises are more than just fancy dining experiences and poolside parties. They can provide experiential learning, too!

Children have an instinctive desire to discover new things. They have this natural curiosity that attracts them to unfamiliar stuff and places. So a cruise can be a perfect learning environment for them.

Although most sightseeing cruises only last for 70 minutes to 2 hours, they offer clear views of notable sites, gifting you with exceptional moments that will surely last a lifetime.

But what are the things to consider when cruising with your kids?

This article shares five essential tips for cruising with kids. It also provides cruise safety rules to keep children safe onboard and when sightseeing.

Seeing and exploring the world with your kids is a one-of-a-kind experience. But to ensure your vacation goes smoothly, you must keep tantrums and boredom at bay and safety your top priority.

Cruising with kids takes serious planning, just like you would plan when traveling with a family member with rare conditions like mesothelioma.

Whether you’re considering traveling alone with your kids or a family member with a medical condition, you need to take proactive steps to ensure you’re all safe while having fun. Cruising can also be a way to keep everyone’s mind off the condition, even when it’s mesothelioma at any stage.

Read on to learn the essential things you need to know when traveling with kids. We also include brief information about the precautions to take, especially when you’re on board with a family member with a medical condition.


5 Tips to Consider When Traveling With Kids

A little bit of planning can make your vacation even better. So here are the top five essential tips for your trip:

1 Do Your Research

Research your options before booking your vacation. Consider the places you want to visit. Do they have childcare options? What are the family activities they offer?

Are you looking for experiential learning while on board? Sightseeing tours are ideal teaching opportunities, engaging all your senses to instill a profound understanding of new places and cultures.

The Poole Jurassic Circular Cruise with City Cruises, lets you experience breathtaking panoramic views of the sea and sky.

You and your kids will be amazed to see the wondrous sand and chalk formations. You’ll be astonished by the famed Old Harry’s Rock, named after Harry Paye, a notorious pirate from Poole Dorset.

Experience breathtaking views along the Jurassic Coastline while you’re on an open deck seating. With many sights to see on the way, you surely won’t miss a moment as the captain gives live commentary throughout the journey.

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2 Consult a Travel Agent

A travel agent with knowledge of lodging and tours can make the whole process seamless. They may also have access to better deals, helping you acquire onboard credit and other special amenities.

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3 Go on a Trip During a Kid-Friendly Time of the Year

If your kids love meeting new friends everywhere, plan your vacation for when many families are on vacation.

Trips during school vacations like winter holidays and summer breaks usually have more kids than at other times of the year.

4 Consider Doing Two Back-to-Back Sightseeing Cruises

Opt for two back-to-back cruises if you want a longer cruise with your kids. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the foreign town you’re visiting and have back-to-back fun with your kids!

It’s also possible that each individual tour will have more kids on board. So your kids will make more friends while on a cruise.

4 Pack Properly for Your Family Trip

It could take several hours before you have access to your luggage or room once you’ve checked in. So make sure you have a carry-on bag with your identification cards and travel documents.

If you’re traveling with a baby, pack baby food, wipes, formula, and plenty of diapers.

Cruise Safety Rules Kids Should Follow While on Board and When Sightseeing

It’s important to discuss safety rules and guidelines regarding onboard behavior with your kids before traveling with them. Here are a few rules you might want to apply:

No horseplay Your kids may egg each other or do crazy stunts while on board. They may climb on railings, lean out over the edge of the ship, or race across slippery pool decks. So firmly tell them not to engage in horseplay to ensure safety.

Implement the buddy system Have individuals from your travel group stick together. If your kids hang out with new friends, you may want to meet them and their parents.

Precautions to Take When Going on a Cruise With a Family Member With a Medical Condition

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that cruise ship medical centers handled approximately 3% to 11% of medical emergencies.

A family member who is immunocompromised or with a chronic health condition needs special consideration when going on a cruise to avoid situations that require urgent medical attention.

Since Medicaid and Medicare don’t cover overseas medical costs, consider purchasing supplemental insurance. Ask your cruise line, credit card company, health insurance provider, and travel agency about overseas coverage.

Check with a doctor to find out if traveling abroad is medically safe for your loved one with a medical condition. Ask them about vaccinations or assistive devices a family member may need on your trip.

Make sure your family member with a medical condition brings a copy of all their prescriptions in case a country requires it. Their prescription medications should also be enough to last beyond your trips should there be any delays.

If you’re a U.S. citizen, consider enrolling in the smart travel enrollment program (STEP) to receive safety and security information about your travel plans.


In a society where busyness is glorified, you may not be spending quality time with your kids anymore. Your work will always be there, but your kids may not be. So when considering cruising with your kids, redeem the time and create meaningful memories together.


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Carrie Stewart, Freelance Writer, 22nd December 2022