The office holiday party is a great chance for you to dress to impress. It’s time to be fashionable, so ditch that ugly hand-kitted sweater with Santa and his reindeer on it that your grandma gave you when you were 16. Sorry, Grams!

Put your best foot forward this holiday season with some great fashion tips for the holiday office party for both men and women.


It may be time to let loose, but the key is to dress appropriately. If your company is more conservative, a great tuxedo blazer and structured trousers are a safe choice. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color or shimmer — whether it’s an embellished skirt, patterned dress or sequined top — to add something bright to your holiday ensemble.

Keep in mind, an office party is still an office event. Don’t wear anything you normally wouldn’t be allowed to wear in the office. This applies to hemlines, tight-fitting clothes and low-cut tops.

For tips on small talk, how much to drink, plus ones, and everything in between, check out this great post from the International Business Times.


For men, dressing “festively” can be equally as challenging.

Here’s a radical thought: at this year’s festive shindig don’t buy anything new to wear. Instead, spend the money on a really good haircut.

One traditionally festive fabric is velvet. To avoid looking like a velvet curtain, do not attempt head to toe velvet, instead, try just a blazer.

If you’re looking for a quick cheap festive wardrobe fix then a new shirt is probably your easiest bet. Here are a few hints: when buying your “party” shirt, try not to over think the “party” element as this has the potential for wrongness on many, many levels. Ideally, you want to wear the shirt again, so don’t buy something that radically departs from your signature look.

Lastly, make sure the shirt is cotton and not too tight across the arm pits. The worst office bash party look? Sweat.

For more great holiday fashion tips for men, refer to David Colman’s write-up in the Fashion & Style section of the New York Times.

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