Nearly 500 dog lovers and 300 dogs from all over San Diego came out to support “Pet Day on the Bay” for the 13th straight year! These pups had a fun opportunity unlike any other to “shake paws” and make new friends while Petco offered great hands-on expertise to owners from their dog training department. CBS8 TV also provided amazing coverage of our tail-wagging event! We’d like to thank everyone who attended and made generous contributions to the Helen Woodward Animal Center with ticket proceeds and donations. We collected hundreds of blankets and towels for the HWAC to benefit orphaned dogs and cats with bathes and cage bedding! Your feedback is welcome to help this event grow and make it more dog-friendly every year. Here’s a testimonial from Nancy Miller (a Corgi owner), complimenting our staffmembers who made her pet day more enjoyable:

“A crewmember was extremely friendly, welcoming and helpful. I was with the San Diego Corgi Meetup Group and he spent time welcoming us, played with dogs, and made us all feel very special. Another crewmember handing out dog treats inside the second deck was extremely kind in filling up my dog’s little water bowl with water and even offered an ice cube. These individuals stand out in my mind and helped make my cruise experience much more pleasant. Also, I compliment your staff on how orderly all the dogs behaved. Didn’t see any dog problems at all.” — Thank you Nancy!

We appreciate everyone who sent letters with your overwhelming thanks. You can check out more pictures from “Pet Day on the Bay” on our Facebook photo albums. We hope to see you next year!

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