Who’s ready for an afternoon of praise with the Lord and NYC skyline in the background?

The Anthony Morgan Inspirational Choir of Harlem is coming on board for a special event on Saturday, August 11! Get ready to feel the Holy Spirit take over and make you show off your best moves on the dance floor. You’ll hear an astonishing live performance from the choir themselves accompanied by a delicious lunch buffet, an uplifting environment, and flawless views of the New York City Skyline for two hours! Only aboard a Hornblower Gospel Cruise!

History of Gospel in Harlem
Gospel emerged in Harlem, NYC in the 1920s during the Harlem Renaissance. This was an important time for the African American culture to manifesting in art, literature, and music. It was a social, spiritual and intellectual experience within the Harlem and New York City community. In Harlem, Gospel was known for its uplifting and colorful sound. Gospel Masses are very different to what you find today, but the spiritual experience and meaning will never change. During the time of the Harlem Renaissance, very few were held in churches as most were held in storefront locations (shopping boutiques).

About the Anthony Morgan Inspirational Choir of Harlem
Founded in Harlem on October of 2008, Anthony Morgan knew it was his calling to create a Gospel choir. The Anthony Morgan Inspirational Choir of Harlem that brought versatility to not only the gospel community but the Harlem community as well. Morgan’s choir brings the gift of love and joy through song, applying an inspirational Gospel sounds to Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Pop, and more. Within the choir there is an array of powerhouse voices that have toured with phenomenal artists such as Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera, Luther Vandross, Gladys Knight and more! They have sold out tours around the world including Australia, Holland, Ireland, Paris, the Caribbean and West Africa.

Be prepared for a spiritual experience in the United States capital of Gospel!

NYC Gospel Lunch Cruise Schedule:
Saturday, August 11th
Boarding: 12:00PM | Cruising: 12:30PM- 2:30PM


-The Hornblower NY Team

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