London’s classic skyline is painted with iconic landmarks that have made the city of London so recognizable. One of the world’s most famous clocks decorates the skies of London’s royal city, Big Ben. Becoming one of London’s most prominent symbols, it is best known for its impeccable accuracy and standing apart from others with its colossal bell.

Big Ben is one of the must-see attractions in London. Gliding along the River Thames on a Big Ben cruise is a brilliant way to take London’s breathtaking sights in with unparalleled views.

A visit to London isn’t complete without a trip down the River Thames. So, let’s count down the best Big Ben cruises and boat tours that London has to offer.

Thamesjet Speedboat Ride

Hang on to your cameras and get ready for an exhilarating ride on the wild side. Thamesjet Speedboat Ride takes you along the River Thames for the time of your life.

Sit back and enjoy the scenic stretch of London’s iconic landmarks before full throttle takes over.

The adventure starts with a tour moving out on the River Thames where you can see the world-famous Big Ben towering over the city along with the London Eye and Tower of London.

Once the coast gets clear and you have made your way past Tower Bridge prepare for things to get a little windy. The fun is about to begin as you speed towards Canary Wharf.

Thamesjet Speedboat Ride is a Big Ben boat tour that is sure to have you remembering Big Ben for days to come.

cruising by the london eyeRiver Cruise from London Eye Pier

Whether a rainy London day wrapped up warm inside the boat or out in the glorious sunshine, sitting aboard the this cruise from the London Eye will give you a chance to see the famous Big Ben.

Not only Big Ben but the circular tour will have you sightseeing the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge along with many more.

Everything you ever wanted and needed to know you can hear from their live commentary discovering London out upon the water. It’s a bit of history and humour all wrapped up in one.

afternoon tea on thames riverAfternoon Tea Cruise on the River Thames

Honour your inner royalty aboard an Afternoon Tea Cruise on the River Thames in the regal city of London.

London’s history boldly stands before you as you sail past its incredible riverside landmarks. One magnificent iconic sight after another.

An afternoon River cruise has you drifting serenely with delicate sandwiches, indulging in what is considered to be the most British of meals. Take in the breathtaking sight of Big Ben as its soaring watch tower mesmerizes you, all with a delicious cup of afternoon tea.

It is the most epic way to celebrate being in London, as you head toward the London Eye and Tower of London. Traditional scones, clotted cream and jam, picture-perfect scenery. It is all so enchanting.

Time is precious, so waste it wisely enjoying every minute of it on a Big Ben Cruise out on the River Thames.

jazz cruise on the river thamesJazz Dinner Cruise on the River Thames

Embarking on a nighttime cruise will bring you an exciting new view of Big Ben and all of London’s top attractions. The glow of the city illuminates London’s night sky and brings forth the magic of London.

It’s a one-of-a-kind evening out on the River Thames. The serenades of live jazz brings London’s landmarks to life as you journey past Big Ben, Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge and so many other biggest sights.

A three-course dinner nibbling on a delicious spread of charcuterie and serving grilled escalope chicken, and the sweet delight of strawberry swirl cheesecake makes the evening just right.

A Jazz Dinner Cruise on the River Thames is a special way to treat yourself to a night out in London with the smooth sounds of jazz, delighting in the tastes of London and letting loose on the dance floor.

24h Hop-On-Hop Off River Pass

24h hop-on-hop-off River Pass is a journey through the heart of the city. You can hop on and hop off just like the fun hop on hop off buses through London.  Journey along 2,000 years of London’s most awe-inspiring history with views of many of your favourite sites.

As you sail along past all the iconic landmarks hop off and travel into London’s bustling city to know them up close and personal. Create your own itinerary and timetable not having to rush but only to spend the moments at the places that you love the most.

Four different piers allow you the chance to uncover London at your own pace, hopping on and off at the Tower of London, Greenwich, Westminster and the London Eye. The 24 h Hop-on-Hop Off River Pass is freedom through the heart of the city soaking in the sights of Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the London Eye.

24 hours of unlimited adventures along the River Thames is one of the best river cruises in London to see Big Ben and London’s finest sights.

lunch on thames riverLunch River Cruise

Change up your lunch time routine from a restaurant in the city to out on the calm waters of the River Thames.

A Lunch River Cruise isn’t your typical Big Ben boat tour where you can feast your eyes upon the sights of the city. But a river cruise of relax and delicious cuisine.

From modern skyline visions to the city’s spectacular historic landmarks all stand before you out past the water’s edge.

With a scrumptious two course meal and the tranquillity of meandering out on the water, it is a wonderful way to create some long-lasting heart-filled moments.