As the holidays come around, it is time for celebrations, including the office holiday party. Often companies ask so much of employees and the holidays are a perfect time for everyone to slow down a little and take some time to enjoy one another and be recognized for their hard work. If you’ve been assigned the task of planning a holiday party, you may not know where to begin and you may feel a bit overwhelmed. There is a lot to consider when planning a company party that will be memorable for all and this list will help you easily curate an event.

Company holiday parties are an excellent way for employees to bond and feel appreciated during the holiday season. These company holiday events are a way to recognize employees’ hard work throughout the year by providing a fun environment filled with drinks, delicious food, and activities (like a gift exchange). The company wants to ensure that everyone in attendance enjoys themselves and there are a few simple ways to make sure that this happens. 

Continue reading to learn more about how to plan a company holiday party with everything you need to know to plan a successful and memorable event. 


Hvorfor skal du planlægge en firmajulefrokost?

Hvis din virksomhed er i tvivl om, hvorvidt den skal planlægge en julefrokost for medarbejderne, er det vigtigt at overveje følgende. Disse punkter vil give fordele for virksomheder, der holder firmajulefester


Folk står på dækket af en båd

1 Holiday parties help employees build relationships
These relationships are between coworkers and those with higher positions, such as management. Employees and managers can learn about each other on a human level in a more relaxed environment. This way, employees feel seen as individuals.Some employees never have an opportunity to interact with people in other departments or in various positions, and this time together allows team members to make themselves more visible and can boost morale. Plus, holiday events can help create a positive company culture.


2 It provides a more personal method of employee recognition
Employees will appreciate gifts and bonuses during the holiday. Why not give your team something to look forward to? Holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate and recognize accomplishments. Adding a holiday event to the calendar will also make employees feel more appreciated. Taking the extra step of planning a special event shows that the employees are cared for, especially if awards are presented. These awards can recognize employees for specific characteristics or accomplished tasks.

This token of gratitude for all the challenging work done by employees without compromising bonuses is appreciated and helps employees feel they are an integral part of the company. 


Sådan planlægger du en firmajulefrokost

Now that you have decided on crafting a party for the employees, it is essential to work through the steps to plan the event. The more organized you are,and the earlier you begin planning, will allow you the time you need to sort out all the details without feeling rushed or flustered. This holiday party checklist will aid in curating a party that the employees will want to attend.

Mennesker, der skriver i notesblokke


Vælg en dato

The first step in planning a corporate holiday party is determining the date. Do this early as this will ensure the biggest turnout and will relieve anxiety and unnecessary stress. It is important to note that holidays are a busy time for people so choosing a date well in advance benefits everyone. It is also noteworthy to realize .that most employees’ holiday plans will be different and fall on different days. It is likely that not all employees will be able to attend the annual company holiday party. To ensure that most are able to, perhaps sending a survey with date selections and choices will be a good start.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Once you have received responses, select the date that works for the largest group of employees. Ideally, you’ll be planning the activity at least a few months in advance to allow guests the opportunity to decide if they can attend. Planning further in advance will also ensure that more people will be in attendance.


Planlæg budgettet

Now that you have the date set, the second step is planning the budget. Consider the cost of every party aspect, from food to drinks, entertainment, activities, gifts, venue, and more. Even with a smaller budget, there is a way to plan an event that employees will love                                                                                     .

You can rank the party priorities if you’re unsure where to allocate your budget. For example, food is a large priority, so you will want to put that option at the top. The food you choose does not have to be elaborate, but it should be tasty.Once you have your priorities ranked, you can allocate percentages of the budget based on them.

Folk der fejrer


Beslut dig for, hvilken type fest du vil holde

There are many distinct types of corporate parties that you can host for employees ranging from half-day parties to after-hours events, virtual holiday party events, activity-centric options, and more. Below are some types of parties you can plan.


After Hours Party

These are common for holiday parties for varied reasons. Typically, an after-hours gathering consists of going to a local restaurant, bar , or venue to enjoy the celebration. This event requires less planning as you do not have to figure out entertainment, transportation, etc. However, since it is outside of work hours, not every employee will be able to attend. After-hours parties create a more relaxed vibe and people tend to enjoy themselves when the workday is over when they can relax and have a cocktail.  


På arbejde fest

If you would like to ensure more employees can attend the party, consider hosting it during normal work hours. For example, you can schedule activities and food for the second half of the day and relieve the employees from their regular duties. In this case, nearly all employees will attend with some exceptions.

Der kræves mere planlægning til denne type fest. Det er dog med til at øge moralen, da medarbejderne får et par ekstra timer uden stress fra deres daglige opgaver.


Vin glas bliver hyldet


Pakke til firmafester

Corporate party packages are a great way to create corporate events if you are short on time and want to host a memorable get-together.These events can occur in a venue providing food, drinks, entertainment, etc. 

These events can be held in alternative venues, such as on a yacht, for an even more special experience. For example, if you are searching for a New York corporate event on the water, you can opt for a yacht that holds anywhere from 120 to 1,000 people. Planning an event on the water is a unique and enjoyable experience for all and the good part is, the planning is all done for you by a team of experts. They can accommodate any budget and party size to fit your needs. All of this will be aboard a floating vessel with amazing views to create unforgettable memories. Your employees will talk about this event for years to come.The only plan you will need to make for an event like this is to decide on the date. Also be sure to check out other destinations such as: 


Opret og send invitationer

Sending invitations is another crucial step in the process. Once you have determined the type of party, budget, and date, you can create the invitations. If you would like, you can provide employees with a physical invitation. However, a digital invite is also sufficient.Having an event planning team will ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. This way someone can have the role of sending out invites with whatever method they choose.


Gruppe af mennesker på en båd, der fejrer.


Vælg en placering

You can select a final location based on your budgetary needs, whether a nearby restaurant, the office, or a yacht. Consider choosing a location 30 minutes or less from the office, making it easier for employees to get to a more convenient location.


Vælg mad, drikkevarer og underholdning

Opt for food and drinks that most people will enjoy when considering how to plan a company holiday party. Or offer them the option of selecting their meals ahead of time.Finger food or buffet options are a wonderful way to get people up and moving as well. 

As for entertainment, it’s necessary to choose between options like board games or a DJ.
The type of party will help dictate which type of entertainment is appropriate and even help you produce holiday party ideas.The right entertainment is essential for any type of party, but especially for a corporate event so that a relaxed environment can be created, and everyone has a good time. 


Færdiggør arrangementerne

Once the selections are made, you can finalize the arrangements for the perfect company holiday party. Book the venue, catering company (or make restaurant reservations), and start putting together the employee gifts.Whatever you choose, planning early and being detail oriented will create a party that employees will love. It’s time to let your employees shine at an unforgettable company holiday party!

Original post date: August 1, 2022