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FAQs About Group Tickets
I Am A Travel Agent. How Can I Book And Print E-Tickets For My Clients?

Travel Companies and Tour Operators wishing to book Alcatraz Island tour tickets as part of a package on behalf of clients, please fill out a group application request. Applications are subject to approval, and once approved, you may begin packaging Alcatraz tickets with your tour itineraries. Until then, visitors can still purchase tickets by going to our website, or by calling our Central Reservations Office at +1.415.981.7625.

What Constitutes A Group?

Parties of 20 people or more are considered to be groups. Any group must fill out a group application request, based on their group type. Groups can book no more than 60 people on any one departure.

Can Groups Go On Night Tours?

The National Park Service allows one group on each Night Tour departure. The group can range in size up to a maximum of 60 people. Groups on the Night Tour are approved on a first come, first served basis.

There is a limited number of visitors who can take the Night Tour each evening. For group reservations on our Night Tours please contact the Group Services Department directly to request an information form. You may call +1.855.964.2282 seven days a week between the hours of 8AM to 5PM PST or e-mail us at [email protected].

The ability to make group reservations requires completing an application. Allow up to 30 days for review. If approved, you will be authorized to make group reservations.

What Is The Chaperone Policy For Youth Groups?

Groups must include one adult leader (over 21 years of age) for every nine youths below the age of 18. Youths must be accompanied by an adult chaperone at all times. Persons between the ages of 18 and 20 cannot be considered chaperones for youth groups. Youth groups must arrive at Pier 33 Alcatraz Landing with the correct ratio of chaperones to children. Alcatraz Cruises does not allow youth groups to bring chaperons who do not know the children in the group. Youths must be accompanied by an adult chaperone at all times while on the Island. Chaperone guidelines are strictly enforced by Alcatraz Cruises and the National Park Service. Youth groups arriving at Pier 33 Alcatraz Landing without the proper number of chaperons will not be allowed on Alcatraz Island. Please contact the Group Services Department at Alcatraz Cruises at [email protected] or +1.855.964.2282 to receive complete information on youth groups and chaperons.

I Want To Take A Group On A Specially Guided Tour Of The Island. How Do I Arrange That?

Independently guided tours are NOT allowed on Alcatraz Island. Only NPS tours are permitted. Groups are invited to participate in the Cellhouse audio tour, as well as the regularly scheduled park programs offered on the Island. Organizations ignoring this rule will be escorted from the Island.