Additional Information For This Unique Tour Of “The Rock”.

FAQs About The Alcatraz Behind The Scenes Tour
How Long Does The Tour Last?

The Behind The Scenes guided tour lasts two (2) hours. If you choose to stay afterwards for the Night Tour program, the complete experience including round trip boat ride, lasts four to five (4-5) hours. Please refer to the departure schedule for exact departing and returning times as the ferry runs vary based on the Summer or Winter schedule. Visitors can choose from two (2) Behind The Scenes Tours offered departing from Pier 33 Alcatraz Landing. Upon reaching Alcatraz Island, you will be advised of the exact time the two (2) return ferry boats leave Alcatraz Island.

Where Does The Behind The Scenes Tour Go?

The Alcatraz Island Behind The Scenes Tour covers a different route and contains different content than the Alcatraz Cellhouse Audio Tour or the daily guided tours and programs. It explores a variety of “off the beaten path” areas of the Island. Destinations may include the New Industries Building, the Officers’ Row Gardens, the upper levels of D Block, the Hospital, A Block, Citadel and/or the Chapel, Theatre and other areas as they become available. Specific destinations are not guaranteed. The tour route may vary depending on safety and accessibility concerns, weather, construction, bird habitat, group size, etc.

In What Languages Is The Behind The Scenes Tour Offered?

The two (2) hour guided Behind The Scenes portion of the tour is available only in English. Once you reach the the Cellhouse portion of the tour, you may choose The Cellhouse Audio Tour offered in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, ASL and an audio described version for people with vision disabilities. The other live programs that are part of the Night Tour are offered in English only.

How Many Will Be In The Group?

The two (2) hour guided Behind The Scenes Tour group size is limited to thirty (30) participants per tour. Actual group size may be smaller.

Can I Bring My Children?

Yes, as long as they are at least twelve (12) years old and you accompany them. The Behind The Scenes Tour is not appropriate for younger children because of its vigorous pace and lengthy duration. Children under age 12 are not accommodated on this tour. No refunds will be given if Adult or Senior tickets are purchased for children under age 12.

What Accommodations Are Available For Those With Mobility Disabilities?

The tram runs only once for the two available BTS tour times. During high season, the tram will accompany the 4:50PM departure ONLY. During low season, the tram will accompany the 2:40PM departure ONLY. Please purchase the appropriate departure if you know that you will need to use it.