Planning a corporate event can seem like an overwhelming task. It’s an important activity that can aid in discussing various topics such as company growth, product launch discussions, significant company changes, employee rewards, and more. Although it seems challenging, proper planning will help you pull off your event with ease. The below guide will help you decide how to plan a successful corporate event.

The intended outcome of a corporate event can vary quite a bit from client-centric to company-centric or employee-centric. Since the event’s topic is open depending on the company’s needs, this can alter the necessary events and selected speakers for a corporate event. Thus, it is essential to plan accordingly for a successful corporate event. Knowing what your objectives are and what you are hoping to accomplish with the event will provide you with the best outcome.


Hvad er et firmaarrangement?

Corporate events help companies discuss essential topics, from company restructuring to employee incentives. They’re a vital aspect of corporate culture that allows employees and employers to engage in an informative environment while connecting in person. By creating an educational environment between the employee and the employer, there’s a higher chance that both parties will achieve the intended goal of the corporate event. Hosting a corporate event also provides the company an opportunity to alert staff or members or even the public, of concepts promoted by the organization. It is a time when companies have the attention of all members in one meeting place. This is especially crucial to companies that do not have the opportunity to strategize or meet with other stakeholders due to different locations or work schedules.

There are some necessary items to consider when corporate event planning, from the number of attendees to costs.


Hvad er planlægning af firmaarrangementer?

Understanding the meaning behind corporate event planning is essential to planning the affair. Corporate event planning is the process of organizing and executing events for businesses and organizations. Knowing that a corporate event requires more time, effort, and resources than a typical meeting is vital. Hosting a corporate event is crucial to building team relationships and strengthening bonds to create genuine connections that will help grow the company and its staff members.

These events can range from small group sizes to very large ones. This number depends on how large the company is and who should be in attendance. Coordinating larger groups takes planning to the next level, which is why it’s essential to understand how to plan a corporate event before undertaking such a task.

If you’re planning a large corporate event or even on a smaller scale, consider working as a team where each member is responsible for their share or task. Create a spreadsheet to stay organized with each category, venue, guest speaker, agenda, and schedule. This way each person will know their expectations and the deadlines. Here is a list of free options to help you stay organized.

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Sådan planlægger du et firmaarrangement

The steps below will guide you through planning a corporate event from beginning to end. After reading this article, you’ll be equipped to plan any number of future corporate events.

personer, der planlægger et firmaarrangement


1 Overvej hensigten med arrangementet

The initial step is deciding what message you want to send to the event attendees. Typically, the message is already decided when the company requests you to plan the event.

However, multiple messages may need to be relayed to the attendees, and it can be essential to decipher which message is primary and which is the secondary message.

Når hensigten og budskabet er fastlagt, er det vigtigt at overveje arrangementets mål. Måske er målet at samle medarbejderne eller at skabe et indbydende miljø for potentielle investorer. Hvis man tager dette mål i betragtning, vil det være en hjælp ved planlægningen af arrangementet.

Remember, the event is focused on the attendees. So, it is essential to consider how the event will affect them and what they hope to gather. Put yourself in their shoes and decide what the event should accomplish. Is team building what you hope to achieve? Or is it brand recognition and loyalty? Is it educational for your employees? Whatever your needs may be, planning will create a smooth, enjoyable, and successful event for all.

planlægning af firmaarrangementer

2 Budget for arrangementet

Budgettering er afgørende for planlægningen af enhver kommende begivenhed, især i erhvervslivet. Hvis budgettet ikke understøtter arrangementet, kan det ikke finde sted. Det er nødvendigt at sætte sig ned og overveje et passende budget for et arrangement og derefter sikre, at du holder dig under dette budget.

If you’re not sure how to budget for a larger-scale event, take time to research past company events and their costs to help you get a ballpark range. Once you determine your budget, ensure you don’t cross that threshold. When working with a budget, remember that you want to allocate funds appropriately. Spending too much on decorations will leave you with less for guest speakers or food and beverages. You do not want hungry guests!

3 Opret en gæsteliste

Nu hvor du har fastlagt budgettet, kan du oprette en gæsteliste over potentielle deltagere. Først skal du starte med at tage udgangspunkt i, hvor mange personer de tilgængelige lokaler kan rumme. Hvis du ser på steder inden for budgettet, der kun kan rumme 1.000 personer, giver det ikke mening at oprette en gæsteliste med 10.000 navne.

Consider who would most benefit from the event (investors, employees, etc.) and start crafting the guest list. It is always better to invite many people rather than too few.

4 Beslut dig for placeringen

Location is an essential aspect of the event if not the most important decision. You want to ensure it’s an easily accessible venue for your attendees. Keep in mind travel needs for your guests as well. You want to ensure that if you have out-of-town guests attending, they have ample time to plan arrangements.

If you really want to wow your guests, planning your next corporate event on the water is a decision you will not regret. Your guests will cherish the memories created with their team while relaxing on the water in the fresh air. This will be a corporate event that is talked about for years to come and your team will appreciate the opportunity to get out of the office and on the water.

5 Overvej at booke et sted, der har en eventplanlægger

If you’re still overwhelmed when thinking about planning a corporate event, it may be best to select an option that is nearly thoroughly planned for you. Many venues or locations will plan out the food, entertainment, drinks, and more for you. This will help save you time in the planning process. Most people assume that hiring an event planner will be costly. It may surprise you that event planners can often be cost-effective considering they have connections through a network of vendors. They are aware of fair rates and can negotiate on your behalf. They are knowledgeable and realistic about budgets and can help with determining a final budget, so you know the exact costs. Not only will they most likely save you money but more importantly time.

You can elect to book a corporate event on the water to provide attendees with beautiful views of nearly any major city. For example, if you’re seeking to create an event in Chicago, some yachts will allow you to offer an unforgettable event. When considering working with an event company, Chicago corporate events on the water are a great place to start. City Cruises also offers company event venues in:


6 Send invitationer og markedsfør firmaarrangementet

Once you’ve determined whether you’re working with a corporate event company or planning the event yourself, it’s necessary to consider the best way to market the event. If people don’t know about the event, they can’t attend. Event marketing has shifted online recently, making it much easier (and cheaper) to market. You can market the event via emails, social media announcements, etc. Make sure to update these as needed and to be consistent with messaging so that the information is clear to all. You can begin by emailing invitations, adding your event to corporate newsletters, and having your Salesforce team get the word out to clients and partners. Make sure that you have a streamlined method for delivering details about the event.

7 Træf de endelige beslutninger og book arrangementerne

The final step in planning a successful event is confirming the arrangements and booking the event venue, catering company, etc. Since you’re the corporate event planner, you’ll also want to consider any gifts or handouts you wish to include. Perhaps your company wants each participant to receive branded t-shirts or water bottles. These items will ensure the attendees feel like they’re part of the company and provide a pleasant experience. It’s also a great marketing tool.

Det er også på dette tidspunkt, at du skal lægge sidste hånd på de aktiviteter, som du ønsker at inkludere i arrangementet. Når du har truffet alle de nødvendige foranstaltninger og gennemgået en tjekliste for planlægning af firmaarrangementer med dit team til planlægning af arrangementer, kan dit arrangement forløbe uden problemer. Det eneste, der er tilbage at gøre, er at nyde begivenheden, når den er overstået.

Now that you have celebrated your event, make sure to get feedback from your guests. This will help determine if you have met your objectives for the meeting and can help you better prepare for next time. You can survey attendees using an event planning app or another survey method. It is important to understand that you may not get all positive feedback, which is part of making it even better for the next event.



Why is it important to understand the intention of a corporate event?

There are several factors to consider planning a corporate event. Understanding the intention sets the right tone, and helps decide appropriate activities and /or speakers for the event.

When should you decide upon a budget for a corporate event?

Budget is a key factor in planning a successful corporate event and should be the first detail considered. You want to ensure that funds are allocated appropriately for each aspect such as; the venue, food, entertainment, and party size.

How should I determine the guest list?

Your guest list should include employees, clients, shareholders, and even potential clients. Establishing your intention for the event will help with the guest list.

Is Location important for your corporate event?

Location is one of the most important factors when planning a corporate event. You must choose a location that is comfortable and convenient for guests as well as a location that will set the tone.

Is it expensive to hire an event planner?

Hiring an event planner can be surprisingly affordable as oftentimes a planner has knowledge and connections with vendors to negotiate better pricing. They can also ensure things run smoothly with their experience.

How can I guarantee that my corporate event will engage attendees?

Careful planning and organization will ensure your corporate events’ success. A fun and relaxing environment will guarantee a good time will be had by all. Planning an event on the water will provide your guests with delicious food, lively entertainment, fresh air, and scenic views for an unforgettable event.



Original Post Date: August 9, 2022