You don’t need to be a morning person to find brunch weddings ideal. Why not take the best meal of the day and turn it into a celebration of your union? While brunch weddings are a trend hotter than hotcakes, take advantage of the theme being perfect for large or small weddings — everyone comes out a winner when they’re full of French Toast.

Drink Up

Brunch weddings give you lots of opportunities to serve beverages in fun ways that get people to mingle. Whether you are providing a small party with a fun activity or giving a larger group a way to meet each other, try out some of these ideas for your brunch wedding.

Coffee Cart

How do you take your coffee? How about from a cute rolling cart. Serve a couple of varieties from local roasters, so people can partake in a coffee tasting. You can even include some liquor for those who like getting festive with their coffee.


There’s no better symbol for brunch than the mimosa. While you can go the traditional route with orange juice, why not liven up the event with different juices such as pineapple, lemonade and peach.

Bloody Mary Bar

Add some real spice to the day. Everyone has their own opinion about what makes the best Bloody Mary, so why not let guests play bartender and make their own. Be sure to include the usual suspects of ingredients (olives, celery, peppers) and some fun ones to class up the act (shrimp, sliders, bacon, cheese cubes, etc.).


Throwing a brunch wedding means you get to decide if you want something more casual or upscale. Early morning weddings tend to be more on the formal side, while the afternoon gives guests time to rub the sleep out of their eyes.


Treat guests to a laid-back buffet style meal or have servers pass delicacies like mini frittatas and petite sausages around the party. Smaller group weddings may be easier to execute with sit down meals. Besides who wants to have to take home all the extra food from a buffet?


Larger groups can go either way. Work with your wedding planner beforehand to ensure that certain dietary restrictions have been addressed if serving a large crowd. Also, think about centerpieces when going formal. Choose low to the table flower arrangements, so guests have the ability to chat.

Brunch Staples

While it’s fun to add some flair, groups both large and small will expect some brunch staples. But that doesn’t mean that you can liven things up.

Cereal Bar

Tap into everyone’s inner child. Set up a self-serving bar where guests can taste their childhood favorites.

Omelette Station

Nothing says class like someone else making your omelette. Lots of restaurants and catering companies can help you out when it comes to providing a chef to run the omelette station. You can dress up the food options by having local produce, cheese and meat to the menu.

Made To Order Waffles

Melted butter, real maple syrup and whipped cream on the side if you like — nothing beats fresh waffles. The best part of made to order waffles is that anyone can put what they like in them. Go for the regular options such as blueberries and bananas, but add tasty savory treats like bacon, smoked ham and herbs like rosemary.

Cake Alternatives

Perhaps you’ve never imagined cutting into your own huge tiered wedding cake. The good news is brunch weddings make it simple to have alternative cake options that are appropriate for the group size.

Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls

Have your cake and cinnamon rolls too. Cake batter cinnamons rolls with a cake batter glaze tastes like a breakfast marriage made in heaven. As an added bonus, sprinkle with lots of sprinkles (feel free to go to town). The end result is something that no one will forget.

Donut Cake

Donuts are so popular right now. It seems like everyone from amateur to professional chefs are trying to outdo each other. There are several options when it comes to a donut cake: one large donut or many different kinds stacked. For donut hole lovers, you can even have a cake shape assembled with donut holes.


Hot buttery pancakes are a no-brainer for brunch weddings. Make it simple by using stacks of silver dollar pancakes as the “wedding cake” to make parsing out people’s portions a breeze. The nice thing is that they’re made that day, so you can adjust how many you need to the party size.

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