Of all the bridges of New York City—and there are a few—the Brooklyn Bridge is without question the most iconic and well-known.

Obviously there’s no better view of the Bridge than from the water on a Hornblower cruise but there’s no doubt this is complemented by a walk, bicycle or even bike tour across the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you are taking a trip across the bridge, it’s best to start on the Brooklyn side so you’ll have the impressive Manhattan skyline in your view the whole time. And don’t worry about cars, the designated walking and cycle paths are above the traffic, all you have to worry about is cyclists and pedestrians! Make sure you take a selfie on the way.

You’ll also notice a section devoted to ‘love locks’. Love locks are a recent phenomenon, arguably started at the Pont des Arts bridge in paris, which is slowly having its locks removed due to issues the weight is causing. They’re also regularly removed from the Brooklyn Bridge as well, so perhaps best not to add one if you wish it to symbolise endless love!

The completion of the Brooklyn bridge was the first time Manhattan and Brooklyn had been connected, with the bridge stretching over the East River.

The bridge’s designer was also the first of many victims to the construction. John Augustus Roebling had three toes amputated after having his leg pinned by a ferry; he later died from tetanus as a result of the accident. His son, who took over the project, suffered from the bends and was bedridden while it was completed. His wife aided the completion in his physical absence.

How long is the Brooklyn Bridge? With a with a main span of 1,595.5 feet, it was easily the longest suspension bridge in the world but was exceeded by the Williamsburg Bridge in 1903.

Take a look at the Brooklyn Bridge Cam, you’ll often see a Hornblower yacht cruising by — they’re the newest looking ones. Just imagine what the view is like on board!

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