Buyer Beware Regarding Alcatraz Tickets

FAQs About 3rd Party Ticket Sales
What Should I Know About People Who Are “Scalping” Alcatraz Tickets?

Visitors are sometimes approached by individuals offering to sell them Alcatraz tickets at greatly inflated prices. This practice is called “scalping” and it is illegal. Purchasing tickets from scalpers is risky for several reasons. First, there is no assurance those tickets are actually valid for an Alcatraz Island tour. Second, buying a third-party ticket may actually delay your trip to the Island. Visitors are required to show proof that they are the actual purchaser of a ticket, and if unable to confirm this ‘proof of purchase’ they may not be allowed on the boat. Also, be advised that numerous websites offer to sell Alcatraz tickets with “service charges” attached. Be sure to read all the charges listed in the small print. As the Romans used to say, “Caveat Emptor – Let the buyer beware”.

Are There Other Companies That Will Take Me To Alcatraz Island?

No. Alcatraz Cruises is the only commercial boat service authorized by the National Park Service to carry passengers back and forth to Alcatraz Island. Several other companies offer narrated cruises around the Island, but they are not allowed to land at Alcatraz Island.

Several Tour Companies Offer Packaged Tours That Include An Alcatraz Tour. Is This A Legitimate Way To Get A Ticket? In most cases, yes. There are many great tour operators in San Francisco. The portion of their packaged tour for the Alcatraz ticket must cost the same as if you purchased directly from this site. If the rest of their packaged tour is something you want to do, and it is a good value, then you have a fair choice.
Are My Tickets Valid?

Other companies offering Alcatraz tour tickets get the tickets from us. Some are approved resellers who include Alcatraz in a package deal, while others may be scams and sell fake tickets. These companies do not have access or any control over our inventory, so they may not always be able to confirm tickets for you. It is also not guaranteed that the tickets are valid unless the company is an approved reseller.