Tasked with planning your company event and not sure where to start? Start by answering the following six questions.

Who is it for?
Are you throwing the event for your team of twenty-something engineers or your C-suite execs from around the globe? Different audiences=different parties.

Why are you doing this event?
Do you want to reward your sales team for a great quarter? Celebrate a company milestone? Inspire teams to work together? The “why” of the event is the inspiration for everything that follows.

How much can you spend?
Though you can throw a great event on just about any budget, your job will be a lot easier if you know from the get-go what you’ve got to spend.

What kind of event?
Once you know the why, who and how much, you should think about what the best type of event will be. Is it a tuxes-only, five-course dinner? Or a wear-your-shorts salsa-making fiesta?

Where will you host the event?
Your venue defines the experience, so if you want to host an event to remember, go for a more unique location like a park, warehouse, pier or yacht!

What do you hope attendees will think, feel and do after the event?
Every event should have some sort of a goal, even if it’s as simple as “We want our employees to feel like we really care about them.” (Actually, that’s a pretty awesome goal–feel free to take it!)

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