Successful team building is essential for many reasons, from creating a healthy work environment to providing a place where employees feel comfortable interacting with fellow employees. Having a work environment where employees are confident in their own, and their teammates’ abilities also provides other benefits to the company. Find out the answer to “Why is team building important?” by reading the below information.

Understanding the answer to the question, “Why is team building important?” is essential to building a team that works well together. When a team can work cohesively, it brings more success to the company. Pursuing team-building activities helps curate a more successful enterprise, happier employees, better collaboration, more trust, and a variety of other benefits.


What Is Team Building?

Team building creates an environment where people can work together, typically outside the office. Employees can see each other from a different perspective by practicing working together. This way, they’ll get to know each other, develop trust, and learn to work together as a team.

Other benefits of team building include better communication, problem-solving, and figuring out how to resolve conflicts in a team setting. Team building is similar to practicing a sport with a team. It’s important to practice before the big games to ensure the team works well together. Otherwise, when the team is set to perform, they won’t be as successful because of a lack of communication or other reason


Why Is Team Building Important?

To better understand the question, “Why is team building important?” it’s necessary to consider the value brought by team building. Consider the below points to help you more fully understand the importance of team building.

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Networking with Other Employees

Networking is an important part of working together. By allowing a safe space where employees can get to know each other, you’re providing an environment where they can feel more comfortable together and develop positive relationships. If you don’t know your teammates well, presenting new ideas or resolving conflicts together can be intimidating.

Team building offers a fun way to encourage deeper connections between employees, so each individual feels comfortable and confident presenting their ideas in a team setting.


Encourages Better Performance

When teams become more comfortable with each other, they tend to become high-performing teams. While pursuing team-building activities, employees will learn how to work with each other. Practicing working as a team for a fun team-building activity allows the team to see how each individual works, their strengths, weaknesses, and what they are passionate about.

By understanding each individual better, you can assess each person’s goals and how they can become better employees. Helping the employees strive to become their best at their role benefits the collective. If everyone is performing at their best, the team will be performing at its best simultaneously.


Higher Productivity

A little competition in the workplace can be beneficial, as long as it is not malicious. Competition can encourage teams of employees to be more productive as they’ll want to “compete” with other teams. Higher productivity means that more work will get done regularly. Encourage competition by setting fun goals.

For example, let the sales teams know that whoever reaches a certain number of sales in a month first gets a paid lunch outing. This type of incentive can also help boost morale, as employees will feel like they are being rewarded for productivity.

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Celebrate the Wins

Just like sports teams celebrating after a big win encouraging work teams to celebrate after working together at a team-building event is a great way to motivate employees. By celebrating positive team experiences together, you’ll push teams to want to have more wins in the workplace. This also enhances company culture, team spirit, and employee engagement.


Enhance Communication

Communication is a large benefit that can arise from team building. Better communication in the workplace encourages team members to present their ideas,
feel confident discussing resolutions together, and more. By scheduling a team-building event,
you’re encouraging a friendly environment for employees.

Enhancing communication does not have to solely be between team members. Team building
can also improve communication between managers and employees. It’s essential to build trust for a healthy workplace.


Connect Departments

Larger companies may find a disconnect between various departments, leading to snafus in the workplace. Team building events can aid in creating a bridge between various departments, allowing communication to flow more freely.

While teams can be groups that work together daily, you can also consider the whole company a team. By connecting the people in sales, accounting, customer service, etc., you can ensure that everyone works well together.


Recognize Employees for Hard Work

Team building activities are also an excellent way to recognize employees for their hard work. By creating events that employees look forward to regularly (once a week, once a month, etc.), you can show them that you value their work. You’ll find that most people look forward to team-building events, especially when they feel they are being appreciated for their hard work.


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Ways to Encourage Team Building

There are many ways to encourage team-building; here are a few options you can select when hunting for team-building activities.


Virtual Team Building

If your company has multiple locations, gathering all the teams in one place will be very challenging. Instead, you can consider a virtual team-building event so everyone can gather simultaneously. This type of activity can be done via video conferencing, so everyone feels like they’re in the same place.

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Team Building In-Person

Smaller companies or individual locations can schedule in-person team-building events. These events can be held at the office for a more informal version. Or, team building can occur outside the office at places like escape rooms or team building retreats.


Planned Corporate Events

The first two options require a lot of planning which can be time-consuming. If the task is too overwhelming, you can instead work with a company that has everything set in place (food, drinks, etc.). Then, all you need to do is book the date you want the event to occur and arrange transportation.

For example, scheduling activities like Boston corporate events on the water is a great way to bring teams together. You’ll be on a yacht with the whole team, providing them spectacular views, tasty food, and fun drinks to enjoy. Or enjoy other City Experiences destinations such as: