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Trải nghiệm tốt nhất của Newport Beach với City Cruises! Thưởng thức nhiều du thuyền ăn uống hoặc đặt một sự kiện riêng tư trên mặt nước và ngắm nhìn khung cảnh đẹp như tranh vẽ của bến cảng nguyên sơ của Nam California.
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Top Things to Do on Coronado Island

Coronado Island has been a favorite travel destination for over a century, drawing in visitors from around the world. Situated in San Diego Bay, this incredible island offers a rich

Giữ kế hoạch Phục sinh nổi với Gourmet Dining để đi từ Hornblower Cruises và sự kiện

  Chef created Signature Meals with Curbside Pick-up from San Diego, San Francisco and Newport Beach April 1, 2020 – With Californians being asked to stay indoors for the foreseeable

Celebrating Dolphins in San Diego

Did you know that March is Dolphin Awareness Month? To celebrate, Hornblower San Diego is featuring a dolphin species every week. Dolphins are toothed whales in the Delphinidae Family. Off

Một sự đổi mới lời thề San Francisco ngọt ngào

A vow renewal is a beautiful way to celebrate your marriage and your love. No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s a way to tell the world you’d do

Winter Whale & Dolphin Watching Cruises bắt đầu với một splash

Last Saturday, Hornblower Cruises & Events in San Diego began a new season of whalewatching cruises! So far we’ve spotted the first migrating Eastern Pacific Gray Whales off the coast

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Splash Sale! For a limited time, Hornblower’s Whale & Dolphin Watching Adventure Cruise Tickets are only $30 per person for Monday  through Friday cruises (a savings of $15 per person)!

Cá voi sát thủ ngoài khơi bờ biển San Diego

Orca alert! Last Saturday, our Captain, Whalers(naturalists) from the San Diego Natural History Museum, and on board guests were thrilled to spot three Killer Whales (orcas) off the San Diego

Sự trở lại của các bản vá cá heo nổi tiếng

Yesterday, admist another incredible day of Whale and Dolphin Watching, we spotted Patches, the most famous, offshore Bottlenose Dolphin on the West Coast! Patches is a  rare, black-and-white piebald dolphin.

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We began our Summer Whale Watching and Dolphin Watching season with sunny skies, calm seas, and a sampling of baleen whales. Each cruise was filled with thousands of playful dolphins,

Blue Whale Watching in San Diego

  Book Your Whale Watching Tour BLUE WHALE  Balaenoptera musculus The blue whale a rorqual, a family that also includes the humpback whale, fin whale, Bryde’s whale, sei whale, Omura’s whale, and

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More about the best boat tours in Newport Beach

Newport Beach is home to some of the best boat rides in Orange County! A sunset cruise on Newport Harbor is something everyone should experience. Whether it is a cocktail cruise or a dinner cruise, great memories will be made! A sightseeing cruise in Newport Beach is also a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. There are many different options to choose from, so there is sure to be a perfect cruise for everyone. Another great option for a boat ride in Newport Beach is taking a charter out for the day.

Which landmarks and famous sights can you see on a Newport Beach cruise?

To start, you are doing the cruise in Newport Harbor itself! See the Balboa Pavilion from a brand new perspective. Whether you do a day or night cruise in Newport Beach, many other spectacular views await! There are also many beautiful privately owned yachts throughout the entire Harbor to see.