Whether you’re following the storm via #Snowmageddon2015 or #Blizzardof2015 on social media, we hope you’re staying warm and safe at home in the northeast as Winter Storm Juno barrels down on us.

Covering seven states from Virginia to Maine, Juno is by far the largest snow storm we’ve seen so far this season. In the New York area, expect to see a foot or more of snow over the next 48 hours. If you’re in Boston, that’ll look more like two feet. But don’t worry Patriots fans, Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona won’t be affected. If you’re traveling, it may be time to find a hotel–more than 3,000 flights from DC to Boston have been cancelled.

Having lived in Vermont for 20+ years, this seems like just a dusting, but Governor Cuomo has issued a state of emergency throughout New York State, so it’s best to play things safe. My advice: get some chili on the crock pot, make a Netflix viewing schedule, and keep a reserve of whiskey on hand (exactly how much is up to you.) A few swigs will help keep you warm just in case the power goes out in your New York apartment.

Over at Hornblower, we’re shutting down operations effective at 1PM today at both our Pier 15 and Pier 40 locations in Manhattan. But don’t worry, our International Sightseeing Cruise from Pier 15 will resume to its normal schedule on Wednesday (assuming the weather cooperates), so come down and catch a glimpse of Lady Liberty covered in snow!

In all seriousness, be safe out there and make sure to stay on top of the changing weather over the next two days. For the most accurate weather forecasts, check out the Weather Channel’s website. In the meantime, enjoy some fun and interesting links about the storm to help you pass the time…

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