We’ve all met these company holiday party guests: the unwanted life of the party, the unimpressed party pooper, and the coworkers that don’t leave the bar all night. Do these troublemakers ever steer the holiday party in the wrong direction? Hornblower has identified a few common holiday party guests you’re sure to come across at this year’s office event who may cause you a little trouble. And we’ve got a little advice on how to deal with them. Just don’t go too hard on them this year. After all, it’s their party too!


THE WALLFLOWER – There are always a few shy or awkward people at a party (and depending on what industry you work in, perhaps more than a few).

The Fix: Choose an activity to divides people up into small groups so those on the shyer side aren’t so overwhelmed by the big crowd.

THE SNOB – This is the guy who thinks he’s got better things to do than hang out at a company party (and doesn’t mind if everyone knows).

The Fix: If getting Lady Gaga isn’t in your budget, the best bet is to hire a killer cover band. No one can resist getting out on the dance floor for “Blurred Lines” or “Groove is in the Heart”.

THE PARTY ANIMAL – While everyone else is finishing their entrée, she’s grabbing the mic and taking charge like an MC.

The Fix: Embrace the energy (every good party needs an instigator to get things rolling).

THE LUSH & THE LIGHTWEIGHT – They say alcohol is a great social lubricant, but in the wrong hands, things can get out of control.

The Fix: Make sure you serve plenty of interesting mocktails and other non-alcoholic beverages and keep an eagle eye on the guy who caused a ruckus last year.

THE TEXTER – The blue glow on his face isn’t from the dance floor lighting; it’s because he’s glued to his cell phone.

The Fix: Though you may be tempted to check cell phones at the door, it’s better to make sure you’ve got a fun activity.

Download our infographic and take a closer look at these troublemakers!

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