Der Weg zum Traualtar ist für jeden anders. Manchmal ist es Liebe auf den ersten Blick und manchmal kann es Jahre dauern. Für Jimmy und Casey begann ihre Liebesgeschichte in der High School, auch wenn sie es damals noch nicht wussten. Begleiten Sie uns, wenn wir ihre Geschichte an Bord der Sunset Hornblower verfolgen.


Tell us the story of how you met?

Jimmy and I met our sophomore year of high school during science class. I would often catch him staring from across the room but he was always too shy to approach me. Funny enough, six years later I came across his Facebook profile and was interested to see what he had been up to all these years. I decided to send him a message, and the rest is history.


Was ist die Geschichte Ihrer Verlobung?

After being together for three years we knew that we were heading towards forever. We already felt like a little family, the only thing missing was the ring to make it official. One weekend in July, Jimmy suggested a day trip to San Francisco and although I was looking forward to it, a proposal was the last thing on my mind. As we walked along the beach, Jimmy suggested we follow a trail leading up to a secluded park. As we stopped for a rest, Jimmy proceeded to set up his camera on a tripod.  Little did I know, he was actually recording a video of us and he knelt down and proposed!


Tell us the story of planning your wedding.

After endlessly browsing wedding venues, it seemed that we were unable to find the right fit. My mom was the one who discovered the Hornblower website online and it immediately caught our attention. It was unique and intimate and we really liked the idea of the captain marrying us. After deciding to have our wedding onboard a yacht, the whole theme came together so easily. I loved the nautical gold and navy blue color scheme for our evening wedding on the sea. The raspberry filled white cake with dot detail was just our style and the striped ribbon on my bouquet was perfect to compliment the rest of the decor.


How closely did you work with your wedding coordinator up until your wedding?

I am so lucky and grateful that my mom helped me so much with the wedding planning process. As a full-time student I am very busy and she would help by keeping in frequent contact with our wedding coordinator Polly Lugo to make sure everything was just how I envisioned it. Polly was everything you could hope for in a wedding coordinator and more.




Casey, what was going through your head when you were walking down the aisle?

I was feeling very nervous and trying to hold back the tears. I was holding onto my Dad’s arm pretty tightly, hoping I wouldn’t fall. Jimmy looked very handsome waiting for me at the end of the aisle.


Was hat Ihnen an diesem Tag am besten gefallen?

Our favorite part of the day was soaking in all the beautiful city lights during dinner.


Zum Schluss: Mit welchem Wort würden Sie Ihren Hochzeitstag beschreiben?


Stadterlebnisse Hochzeit

Eine Hornblower-Hochzeit ist wahrlich eine Abwechslung zum Gewöhnlichen. Wir würden uns gerne mit Ihnen über Ihre einzigartige Hochzeit unterhalten, schauen Sie sich unsere Hochzeitspakete in einem unserer Häfen an: San Francisco, Berkeley, San Diego, New York, Marina del Rey, Long Beach oder Newport Strand. Oder füllen Sie das untenstehende Formular aus und ein Hornblower-Hochzeitskoordinator wird Ihnen weiterhelfen.