It’s sometimes hard to believe that couples meet in real life by chance, or what some call fate.

For this couple, it all began on the dance floor and blossomed into a beautiful journey. Follow Karina and Asresh as they talk about how they met, their international proposal, and their Sangeet celebration spent on a Hornblower Yacht.

Como é que se conheceram?

I was dancing with a group of friends and spotted Asresh at the other end of the club. I would sneak glances from across the room while dancing and he started to do the same-it felt very Bollywood. After awhile, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see, not Asresh, but his friend. He said, “This is my friend – He thinks you’re pretty and would like to dance with you.” I said, “Okay!” and the rest is history.

Qual é a história do seu noivado?

We had been talking about marriage in the year leading up to our engagement. We wanted our families to meet each other first in person, as family is important to us both. That’s when we tossed around the idea of my family and I flying to India to meet his family. And the meeting of the families turned into an engagement celebration of sorts!

Asresh, how did you propose?

I knew I wanted our families to be there to celebrate with us after I proposed so, I planned a holiday trip to India. I had a beautiful outdoor private cabana facing the ocean booked for the two of us. I showed up at her room with roses and then walked her down to the cabana. We watched the sunset and talked about our future. That’s when I got down on one knee and proposed! It was a beautiful evening and the sky obliged with a gorgeous sunset.

Karina, did you know he was going to pop the question?

I did in some ways, but I didn’t know how he would do it or when exactly. Before flying to India, I made sure my nails were freshly manicured, haha.

What was it like working with your wedding coordinator from Hornblower?

Polly Lugo was super sweet! She checked in several times and helped us out with some decorations to give the tables an extra pop of color. She was available to help out whenever we had any questions, big or small.

How did you feel when you walked on board for your event?

I was pretty nervous as I’m not one who enjoys being the center of attention and neither is Asresh. But after getting on board and seeing everyone have fun, I started to relax and enjoy the party! The views were amazing and I felt really alive.

Walk us through your wedding planning for your Sangeet celebration.

My sister had surprised Asresh and me with a boat party when we reunited. The event was so much fun that we started to consider doing an event on a boat for the wedding. We found Hornblower Cruises & Events and went from there. We knew it was the perfect venue! From there, all we needed was a DJ, good food, and drinks. It was a pretty easy process!

Were you able to get everyone dancing?

Oh yes! As the bride and someone who loves to dance, I felt it was my duty to get on the dance floor and have fun with everyone. And boy, is it fun to dance on a boat with the Golden Gate and twinkling lights from Berkeley and San Francisco around you!

What made you choose a boat vs a land venue?

We wanted our wedding to be different! I’ve never been to or seen a wedding event on a boat. We knew our guests would love to be on the bay and have an experience that’s different from other wedding events. We got so many compliments from our guests telling us how unique and fun the night was!

Were there any particular moments that stick out from your event?

Going underneath the Golden Gate Bridge after nightfall was definitely a moment that sticks out in my memory. It felt so surreal and beautiful! You definitely can’t get a view like that from anywhere else.

Finally, what’s one word you would use to describe your wedding event on board?


Photography: One Productions Haus and Hornblower Cruises & Events

Music: DJ Sneh Entertainment (Hornblower Cruises and Events)

Florals: Ashby Flowers (Hornblower Cruises and Events)

Yacht: Empress Hornblower

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