Out with the old and in with innovation…

Looking for inspiration for your upcoming product launch, corporate event or PR convention?  Steer clear of tradition, and make your next speaking opportunity a memorable one! HornblowerNY scoured the latest of trends and boiled down the top 7 event formats to help elevate your attendee experience.

  1. Breakfast briefing – Treat your early bird guests to valuable insight over coffee, OJ and an assortment of fruits and pastries. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful gesture, and having a hearty morning meal will guarantee to boost attendee engagement.
  1. Open mic – Being the star of your own show isn’t always as fun – share the stage and invite your guests up to showcase their products, ideas and/or opinions, resulting in heightened attendee participation and interaction.
  1. Panel discussion – Intrigue your audiences with a round table panel discussion, consisting of 3-4 industry experts and a moderator. This informal gathering offers a unique and laid-back setting for your guests to delve deep and explore a particular topic of interest.
  1. Debate – Heat it up a notch and host a formal argument between two teams or individual industry experts. The back-and-forth-banter will provide a robust analysis of your subject matter, and allow guests to explore every perspective while reconsidering their original assumptions.
  1. Festival – Time for a break from coffee breaks! By incorporating a mix of entertainment, vendors, and food & drink tasting into your networking breaks, guests can interact and engage over the various concessions, leading to a boost in interest and more fruitful conversation.
  1. Roast – Taking toasting to a whole new level… Honor or be honored at your next event surrounded by gentle mocking, laughs, and raising of glasses. All egos aside, such light-hearted, rib-nudging banter is a fun and non-traditional way to show your guests some love.
  1. Workshop – Ditch the slide show and projectors and opt for a more hands-on approach to showcase your particular product of interest. People are more receptive to visuals, and by providing a tangible object or 

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