Milan, Italy is in Northern Italy and the second largest city in the country next to Rome. It is well known as the fashion capital of the world. When planning your visit to Milan, you do not want to miss eating at one of the high-end restaurants, shopping until your drop, and visiting one of the many beautiful pieces of art.


There are so many great attractions to explore in Milan. The most popular tourist spot is the Milan Duomo. This exquisite church is located in the center of the city and has all the details of a Gothic cathedral. To give you an idea of how detailed the building is, the Duomo started construction in the 14th century and lasted over a hundred years. Today visitors can go to the top of the Duomo and get a spectacular view of Milan’s skyline.


While in Milan, you must see one of the most famous paintings in the world: The Last Super by Leonardo da Vinci. This wall mural is found within Santa Maria delle Grazie. Because it was painted between 1494 to 1497 and is very fragile, visits are limited so it is advised to book well in advance.


If you feel like getting all dolled up in one of the fashion capitals of the world, consider experiencing a show at Teatro alla Scala. This opera house was constructed in the 18th century and the red and gold auditorium is something to experience in and all itself. If you do not have time for a show, but still want to see this beautiful theatre, you can visit the museum during the day and get a glimpse of the magnificent auditorium.


Historical Tours in Milan

Step back in history while exploring Sforzesco Castle. Today this 15th century fortress is home to museums, but in the past, it was one of Europe’s largest citadels. The grounds of the castle have some of Milan’s most beautiful parks in the city.

After a morning full of historical sights, it is nice to head over to the Golden Triangle to shop a little bit for yourself or for others. Although, the Golden Triangle may just be window shopping for some, with luxury brands like Prada, Armani, Chanel, and Dolce e Gabbana, the Golden Triangle is for the high-end shopping experience.

If you just want to take a stroll around the city and take in everything that Milan has to offer, consider strolling around one of the neighborhoods. The Navigli District is unique with its man-made canals that are lined with cute cafes and bars. Consider walking around during lunch and grabbing a bite to eat before continuing your adventures around town. Isola is another unique neighborhood where you can find some of the best street art in Milan. If you want to hop on a bike, rent one near Naviglio della Martesana, one of the most scenic bike routes in the city. This route will take you past peaceful meadows and farms and will end in Gorgonzola, home of the creamy blue cheese.



Sports Tours in Milan

All the sports fans visiting Milan will want to check out either AC Milan or Inter playing at San Siro Stadium. This impressive stadium can hold about 80,000 people and is one of the largest stadiums in Europe. Besides sports, the stadium also houses big concerts like Madonna, Beyonce, and Bruce Springsteen.


Explore Milan Tours

If you want to experience a lot of what Milan tours have to offer in just a few hours, the Best of Milan tour is perfect! The tour starts off at the unassuming Santa Marie delle Grazie convent to view the famous Last Super. Although tickets are hard to come across, this tour covers it all. The best part is you will have an art historian guide to give all the details about the masterpiece. Afterwards, the guide will take you on a walking tour around Milan that takes you to the extroidery La Scala Theatre and the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery. Last, you will head to Milan’s Gothic Duomo and explore both inside and outside.