London School Events on the Water

  • Prom & Graduations

  • 移管

  • サマースクール・海外スクール

  • ティーチャーズコンファレンス&アウェイデイ

    Escape the classroom and host your teacher training or team bonding event on a boat instead. With great spaces for presentations and activities, and potentially fresh perspectives, make the most of your next student free day.
  • Private Sightseeing

    A fun and unique way to learn about the incredible, and historical sights of London. Treat your students to an exciting private boat hire with a Blue Badge Tour Guide on the river Thames, as they enjoy some snacks – this will create a memorable day out for the students that will get them talking about it for years to come!
  • Prospective Days

    Planning to have an open day? There is nothing more unique and exciting than hoping on board a private boat on the Thames with stunning views of London. The attendees can enjoy refreshments, and snacks while finding out information about their potential new journey in life!