पानी से ब्रंच से बेहतर क्या है? वाशिंगटन, डीसी के दिल के माध्यम से पोटोमैक नदी घुमावदार होने के साथ, भूखे डिनर में बहुत सारे स्वादिष्ट विकल्प हैं, जो इस प्यारे भोजन अनुभव पर ब्रंच क्लासिक्स से लेकर वैश्विक रिफ्स तक हैं।

Whether you’re a bottomless-mimosa fan or an unconventional diner who likes trying new things, these are the best brunch experiences along the Potomac River, in and around Washington, DC. The Potomac River, noted for its beautiful and historical significance, is also home to many dining options to enjoy a nice meal with a beautiful view. Begin your day in the most amazing way.


1 सिटी परिभ्रमण प्रीमियर ब्रंच क्रूज

Why gaze out at the water when you could be cruising in its currents? On Saturday and Sunday mornings, guests on City Cruises’ Odyssey DC can enjoy two hours of bottomless mimosas and a delicious and freshly prepared breakfast buffet as they take in views of the city’s iconic landmarks, from a glass-enclosed deck or an outdoor observation lounge. You will be cruising along to the sounds of onboard entertainment with a live DJ while taking in the fresh air and picturesque backdrop of the city. This is a must-do experience.


2 मोर कैफे

Enjoy breakfast sandwiches, smoked salmon Benedict, crispy potatoes, mimosas, and more on this eclectic menu at Peacock Cafe, a trendy, upscale brunch spot near Georgetown Waterfront Park in northwest DC established in 1991. The outdoor dining setup consists of cute, bistro-style picnic tables.


3 फियोला मारे

जॉर्जटाउन वाटरफ्रंट पार्क में स्थित, नदी से कुछ ही कदम दूर, यह स्टाइलिश समुद्री भोजन रेस्तरां आउटडोर बैठने और महान दृश्यों के साथ एक फैंसी ब्रंच के लिए एक जाने-माने स्थान है।

The menu represents the true definition of fine Italian coastal cuisine, changing daily as well as seasonally, keeping things fresh and interesting. The Fiola Mare seafood towers are standouts from the brunch menu, with oysters and shrimp cocktails. The $95 Fiola Mare Sparkling Brunch is a great splurge, with bottomless drinks like mimosas or breakfast cocktails, plus a brunch entree and dessert.


4 दक्षिण के कारण

Located close to the confluence of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers is Due South, a trendy but relaxed brunch destination that dishes out a spread of comfort-food classics on Saturdays and Sundays and is revered by Navy Yard locals. Satisfy your thirst with Bloody Marys and bottomless mimosas, and fill up on shrimp and grits, fried chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, and bacon-pimento cheeseburgers in the airy dining room.



5 शिलिंग कैनिंग कंपनी

For a high-end brunch experience, Shilling Canning Company offers an a la carte three-course menu, along with a carafe of mimosas. Choose from options like buckwheat crepes and vegetarian-friendly vegetable hash.

This modern Mid-Atlantic restaurant provides diners with their take on seasonal cuisine highlighting ingredients from around the Chesapeake region.


6 किसान फिशर्स बेकर्स

This farm-to-table eatery in Georgetown Waterfront Park is worth a visit, both for its fantastic food and its edgy, industrial-chic design. The famous weekend brunch buffet has everything from eggs Benedict to homemade cinnamon rolls to house-cured ham. Brunch cocktails like mimosas and corpse revivers abound. This is an entirely scratch kitchen where the simple principle is everything is seen and shared “Through The Eyes Of The Farmer,” because the source of your food matter



7 काफे लियोपोल्ड

With a sunny outdoor patio and an airy indoor dining room, this laidback Georgetown staple is known for its European fare. The breakfast menu has Belgian waffles, French pastries like pain au chocolat, and plates of eggs served any way you like them. They encourage every meal to end with a superb dessert made by an in-house French Pastry Chef.


8 नदी पर अदा की

यह आउटडोर ब्रंच गंतव्य तकनीकी रूप से अलेक्जेंड्रिया, वर्जीनिया में है, लेकिन यह अभी भी पोटोमैक पर सही है। पानी से सही धूप आउटडोर बैठने के साथ, नदी पर एडा एक परिवार के ब्रंच या क्लासिक, पारंपरिक के लिए एक शानदार जगह है। सप्ताहांत मेनू में नींबू रिकोटा पेनकेक्स से लेकर बड़े आमलेट तक, साथ ही कई प्रकार के खूनी मैरी तक सभी के लिए कुछ न कुछ है। 


9 टिकी टीएनटी

यह बहु-मंजिला टिकी-बार-मीट-रम-डिस्टिलरी डीसी में ब्रंच करने के लिए सबसे अनोखे स्थानों में से एक है, यकीनन शहर में सबसे अच्छे नदी के दृश्यों के साथ। रूफटॉप डाइनिंग एरिया के इनडोर-आउटडोर बार में एक सप्ताहांत ब्रंच मेनू है जिसमें एशियाई और प्रशांत द्वीप-प्रेरित भोजन की विशेषता है, जैसे केले पेनकेक्स और लुआउ पोर्क और ग्रिट्स। बेशक, एक डिस्टिलरी और बार के रूप में, यह शराबी ब्रंच कॉकटेल के लिए एक गंतव्य है, इसलिए अथाह जुनून फल-और-अनानास मिमोसा के लिए जगह बचाएं। 


10 हांक का ऑयस्टर बार

अपनी खुद की खूनी मैरी बनाएं, लॉबस्टर आमलेट खाएं, या घाट पर स्थित डीसी-एरिया मिनी-चेन की इस लोकप्रिय चौकी पर शराबी चाल्ला फ्रेंच टोस्ट में शामिल हों । आउटडोर बैठने के क्षेत्र में एक मेज पकड़ो और वाशिंगटन चैनल के साथ जगहें लें-यह प्रतीक्षा के लायक है। 


11 एमआई विदा

This high-end Mexican spot on the Wharf wows with its weekend brunch, which pairs tequila Bloody Marys and dressed-up comfort food (think: huevos rancheros, eggs with mole, giant breakfast burritos, and banana-custard French toast) with Washington Channel views. Chef Santibanez has served as an ambassador of Mexican cuisine for over three decades and continues to explore his beloved Mexico through food.


12 मार्च

Situated right by the Washington Channel, the upscale Del Mar highlights the flavors and dishes of coastal Spain. This restaurant was entirely designed in Spain and assembled by a team of Spanish artisans to celebrate Spanish craftsmanship and lifestyle creating a wonderful outdoor experience overlooking the river. Switch out the mimosa for a signature sangria before diving into mollete Benedict, cinnamon panqueques, traditional Spanish tortillas, and piles of towering seafood—tuna crudo, calamari ceviche, mussels in escabeche, and more. 


13 नमक की रेखा

नेवी यार्ड के पास स्थित, न्यू इंग्लैंड और चेसापीक बे व्यंजनों में विशेषज्ञता वाले इस ठंडे समुद्री भोजन भोजनालय में पारंपरिक और न्यू इंग्लैंड ब्रंच विकल्प दोनों हैं। यदि आप आर्कटिक चार के साथ अंडे बेनेडिक्ट चाहते हैं, तो उनके पास वह है; यदि आप लॉबस्टर रोल पसंद करते हैं, तो उनके पास वह भी है। लेकिन इससे कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता कि आप भोजन के अनुसार क्या तय करते हैं, परफेक्ट स्टॉर्म कॉकटेल-कॉकटेल झींगा और लॉबस्टर पंजे के साथ गार्निश की गई एक डबल खूनी मैरी, अन्य चीजों के अलावा-जरूरी है। 

इन डीसी-क्षेत्र नाश्ते और ब्रंच स्पॉट के साथ दिन की शुरुआत सही तरीके से करें 

For indoor and outdoor dining with views of the Potomac, restaurants in Washington, DC, have you covered—you’ll find breakfast and brunch options to fit all tastes and budgets across town.  

FAQs – Best Brunch on and around the Potomac River

What are some of the best brunch spots near the Potomac River?
There are many great brunch spots near the Potomac River, including waterfront restaurants, cafes, and bistros. To find the best options, you can search online, read reviews, or ask locals for recommendations.

Can I find brunch cruises on the Potomac River? How do I book one?
Yes, brunch cruises are available on the Potomac River. To book one, you can search for Potomac River brunch cruises online and reserve your tickets through the cruise operator’s website or a third-party booking platform.

What type of cuisine can I expect at brunch places near the Potomac River?
Brunch places near the Potomac River may offer a wide variety of cuisines, from classic American breakfast dishes to international flavors, such as French, Mediterranean, or Mexican-inspired options.

Are there any waterfront restaurants offering brunch with a view of the Potomac River?
Yes, there are waterfront restaurants near the Potomac River that offer brunch with a view. You can search online for “waterfront brunch Potomac River” or ask locals for recommendations.

What is the typical price range for brunch around the Potomac River?
The price range for brunch around the Potomac River can vary greatly depending on the restaurant and the offerings. Expect to find budget-friendly options as well as more upscale establishments with higher prices.

Are there any bottomless brunch options available near the Potomac River?
There may be restaurants offering bottomless brunch options near the Potomac River. You can search online for “bottomless brunch Potomac River” or check individual restaurant websites to see if they offer such promotions.

Is outdoor seating available at brunch spots near the Potomac River?
Outdoor seating is commonly available at brunch spots near the Potomac River, especially during warmer months. You can search for restaurants with outdoor seating or patios, or contact individual restaurants to inquire about their seating options. You can also go on a City Cruises brunch cruise and sit outside!

Original post date: August 8, 2022