Your desk-locked crew is more than ready to get out from behind their keyboards for a much needed reprieve. An out of office team building excursion is the perfect cure for those winter blues.

Studies show that team building activities have a significant impact on team performance and are an effective way to foster collaboration and achievement. Spending quality time out of the office encourages communication, team bonding, leadership and above all else, fun! The age old saying rings true, “work hard, play hard”. It’s important to keep morale up and stress down.

Four team building activities we recommend:

Get outside. Connect with nature.
Angel Island is a hidden gem in Silicon Valley’s own backyard. A short cruise will bring you to unbeatable panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay. Perfect for hiking, sightseeing or just relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds every inch of the island. You and your team can unwind and destress as you spend a picture perfect day amongst the great outdoors.

Hunt for clues and find your groove.
Divide into teams and embark on a scavenger hunt. Solve puzzles and riddles that prompt your team to create a skit, make a human pyramid or even impersonate Elvis. Don’t forget to have the camera rolling, you are definitely going to want to capture all of the shenanigans that ensue!

Intellects wanted. Jokesters encouraged.
When you and your team combine all of your brain power together, anything is possible. A game show is a high-energy activity and a fun way to build excitement in your group. Whether you’re playing “Jeopardy”, “Family Feud” or “Are You Smarter Than Senior Management?”, your team can show of their street smarts and build relationships in one hilarious fell swoop.

Two words — Salsa. Showdown.
Hold a salsa-making contest with prizes like “Best in Show” or “Hottest of Hot.” Don’t forget to come up with a sassy slogan and team name! Fresh ingredients, an upbeat atmosphere, and a little bit of friendly competition form the recipe for some great team bonding.

Host your next team outing with City Experiences! With 35+ years in the event planning industry, we know a thing or two about how to create an unforgettable, epic experience.

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