A tour to Pompeii, Italy is a great way to learn about Roman history and see some of the most well-preserved ancient ruins in the world. Even if you’re not a history buff, the experience of walking through an entire city that was frozen in time by a volcanic eruption is truly unforgettable.

PompejiA Quick History of Pompeii

Nearly two-thousand years ago, on August 24th in the year 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted and covered the city of Pompeii, Italy with nine feet of ash and volcanic debris. Because the city was covered so quickly, much of the ancient city was preserved. Pompeii was not discovered until centuries later and was not excavated until the mid-18th century. At the time of excavation, archeologists found buildings dating back to the 4th century B.C., remains of century old people, and even bakeries with loaves of bread still in the oven. Pompeii is still one of the most well-preserved pieces of history.



Visiting Pompeii

Getting to the Pompeii Archeological Park: The train from Naples, Italy will bring visitors right to the entrance of the park. While there are three entrances, the main entrance is the Porta Marina. This entry is where the Naples train drops visitors off and is where guests can find the ticket desk.

Opening Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 9am to 7pm with the last entry at 5:30pm


What to Visit in Pompeii

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  • The Antiquarium

One of the most fascinating artifacts to come out of Pompeii is the plaster death casts that are found at the Antiquarium. These casts were created by pouring plaster into molds that were left behind in the solidified ash once the bodies decomposed. The Antiquarium also houses many other artifacts found at the site, including some that date back to before the Roman era.

  • The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is the heart of Pompeii’s ancient city life. It is in this area that the townspeople would gather for meetings, and where markets would be set up daily. From the Forum, visitors can also see the Sanctuary of Apollo and the Temple of Jupiter.

  • Roman Baths

The Stabian Baths are very well-preserved baths that have both a male and female pools and stoves to heat up water. The facility also includes a changing room, a cold bath, warm bath, and hot bath that used to be heated by air-ducts. Many gladiators would train at the gym that is attached to the facility as well.

  • Roman Houses

There are many houses in Pompeii to explore. The House of the Vettii was owned by two wealthy brothers, and their spectacular house was with painted frescos and beautiful gardens. Near this house are many others which include the House of the Faun, the House of Marcus Lucretius, and the House of the Silver Wedding just to name a few.

  • Ancient Theatre

There are two theatres to visit at the Pompeii site. Teatro Grande, the large theatre, was built into the sloped ground and could fit 5,000 people. This theatre was one of the first theatres to be built by the Romans. Next door is the Teatro Piccolo, or little theatre. This smaller theatre was built around 75 B.C. and was one of the first theatres with a roof. This theatre was mainly used for musicals.

  • Amphitheatre

An amphitheater that was built sometime around 80 B.C. is at the far end of Pompeii. The massive theatre could seat around 12,000 people. This is where gladiators would compete in battle.


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What is the Best Pompeii Tour by City Experiences?

The Best of Pompeii Tour: Unveiling the Buried City is a great tour that will take visitors all over the Pompeii site. The tour is guided by an expert archeologist that will tell the small group of no more than fifteen all about the history and architecture. The Pompeii Tour takes you to all the major sites in Pompeii plus other attractions like the Porta Marina, Pompeii’s Main Street, ancient streets, and brothels. Visitors will view and learn about the theatres, roman houses, the baths, and the plaster death casts.


How Long Does It Take to Tour Pompeii?

Pompeii can easily be toured in a few hours. To have the best experience, join the City Experiences Pompeii Tour to learn about the tragic history and see for yourself the world over two thousand years ago.


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FAQs – Pompeii Tours

What is Pompeii and why is it famous?
Pompeii was a Roman city located in the Campania region of Italy that was destroyed and buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. Today, it is a popular tourist destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its well-preserved ruins and artifacts.

How do I get to Pompeii from Florence?
Pompeii is located about 120 miles south of Florence and can be reached by train, bus, or car. The quickest and most convenient way to reach Pompeii from Florence is by train, which takes about 2 hours.

Can I visit Pompeii on my own or do I need a tour guide?
While it is possible to visit Pompeii on your own, a tour guide can provide a wealth of knowledge and historical context, making the experience more meaningful and enjoyable.

Are tours available in different languages?
Yes, many tours in Pompeii are available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and German.

How long do the tours typically last?
Tour length can vary, but most tours in Pompeii last between 2-3 hours.

Kann ich eine Tour auf meine Interessen abstimmen?
Ja, viele Reiseveranstalter bieten private und individuell gestaltbare Touren an, die auf die Interessen des Einzelnen oder der Gruppe zugeschnitten sind.

Muss ich etwas für die Tour mitbringen?
Es wird empfohlen, bequeme Wanderschuhe, Wasser und Sonnenschutz mitzubringen, besonders bei heißem Wetter.

Are tours suitable for children?
Yes, many tours in Pompeii are suitable for children and families, and some tour companies offer special tours and activities for kids.