Going for Gold in Sustainable Tourism!

After two years of improving our environmental efforts, we have taken our efforts from silver certification to gold for the Sustainable Tourism 2030 certification. Sustainable Tourism 2030 is helping the tourism industry make a difference and meet the growing traveller demand for responsible business. They do this by recognizing sustainability certifications and providing resources and support in the areas of eco funding, carbon reduction, and training. Other businesses that have been recognized by Sustainable Tourism 2030 are the Westin Ottawa, Best Western Plus, Orca Spirit Adventures, Land Sea Tours & Adventures and many more. 
Below are a few of the many ways we continue to do our part in leaving the world a bit cleaner. 

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Respektieren Sie unseren Planeten

Aretha Franklin said it best, just a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Not only for our guests but for our environment and natural surroundings. From the West Coast to the East, Hornblower’s Respect Our Planet environmental initiative is committed to clean air, clean water, and a clean future. The company-wide environmental commitment is reflected in our everyday business model: We Create Amazing Experiences.
Below are some of the initiatives we conduct as part of our daily operations:

  1. 100% recycling of our ponchos onsite
  2. Our twin 700-passenger catamarans are clean-burning biodiesel engines using Tier 3 Scania engines.
  3. Using biodegradable food packaging, minimizing food waste, and offering biodegradable plastic straw substitutes. This effort alone helped us reach an 88% waste diversion rate!
  4. Reducing paper waste with online paperless ticketing through the Niagara Cruises App.
  5. Educating employees through environmental community practices such as annual Clean Sweep Park Clean Ups and Tree Planting events.

Voyage to the Falls boat tour Niagara Falls Canada Hornblower Niagara Cruises

About Sustainable Tourism 2030 

Voyage to the Falls boat tour Niagara Falls Canada Hornblower Niagara Cruises
The sustainability certification program for tourism operators recognizes their actions and commitment to sustainability with third-party verification and recommendations. This, in return, provides a consistent and credible message to travellers and locals alike. 
For more information about Sustainable Tourism 2030, visit their website.