The Hornblower Family of Companies attended the annual Passenger Vessel Association (PVA) convention, MariTrends 2015 convention, MariTrends 2015, with 33 members of our team, from January 31st to February 3rd, 2015, at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in Long Beach, CA.

The annual convention was an excellent opportunity for PVA members to gain valuable information about operating a successful passenger vessel company in the presence of ever-changing public demands.

Many of our Hornblower family were in attendance, including:

CEO Terry MacRae
VP of Sales & Marketing, Annabella Stagner
VP and General Managers of Hornblower: Jim Unger, Kevin Lorton, Cameron Clark, and Jill Benson
VP and General Manager for Statue Cruises, Mike Burke
VP and General Manager for Alcatraz Cruises, Scott Thornton
VP and General Manager for Hornblower Niagara Cruises, Mory DiMaurizio
Director of Food and Beverage, Chris Schlerf, along with 20 other Hornblower Cruises & Events crew.
For those in attendance, the PVA Convention 2015 provided informative, up-to-date discussions regarding government regulation and expanding vessel safety & security requirements. The MariTrends Exhibit Hall also offered new marketing ideas, innovative technological advancements and cutting-edge management techniques. In addition to the other segments of the program, there were also compelling, high-profile keynote speakers from both business and government.

Some speakers and topics included:

“Strategic Intelligence and Market Research: How to Better Engage Customers and Foster Strong Brand Connections” Sean McNamara, Chief Strategy Officer of Omelet LA
“How to Use Your Pricing Power in the Recovering Economy: Strategic Insights into Marketing and Pricing Methodologies” Steve Wayhart, Brandmill, LLC and Bob Shaw, Passenger Vessel Industry Executive
“The Way Forward: A Look at Challenges and Opportunities for the Coast Guard” Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, Commandant of the United States Coast Guard
“Special Focus Session: Walking the Plank is Not Just for Pirates – Five Success Strategies and Other Sea Stories” Bob Shaw, Passenger Vessel Industry Executive
To add, industry specific conferences were offered, focusing on segments of the passenger vessel industry, including:

PVA Dinner Boat Conference
PVA Ferry Conference
PVA Green Water Conference
PVA New Technology Conference
Some industry specific topics included:

Wind Assist Technology for Reducing Fuel, Emissions and Greenhouse Gases
Beyond Regulation: The Business Case for Using Readily Biodegradable Lubricants and Cleaners
Complying with Passenger Count Rules
Running a Souvenir Photo Concession to Increase Social Media Exposure
Maximizing Beverage Sales with Signature Beverages
Meeting the Special Dietary Needs of Passengers
Vessel or Fleet Remote Monitoring, Support and Notification System
New AIS Requirements the Future of Navigation
Improving Your Operations by Optimizing Hydrodynamic Performance.
Not only did this convention offer an informative and valuable program, but it also provided PVA members with an excellent networking opportunity to learn from their peers and develop relationships with regional Coast Guard and government policymakers in attendance.

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