Finding a venue that embodies the spirit of the couple and echoes a unique aesthetic is no small feat, but Drue and Dean found the perfect place to say “I Do!” After meticulous planning, the couple chose San Diego’s last Classic Revival structure boasting awe-inspiring stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings, rich redwood millwork and a statue of the angel Gabriel blowing his horn. This month, we’ll recap this couple’s magical wedding at The Abbey on Fifth Avenue.

How did you choose your wedding venue?
Drue: The two of us have a passion for event planning. We had some early concepts that, as we investigated options, a clear vision for the event developed. The Abbey provided the uniqueness we sought. It was sturdy, not frilly. As a historic building, it was unlike any routine hotel banquet hall.

Tell us what this celebration meant to you.
Drue: The event marked the culmination of a 20-year ‘out-of-the-mainstream’ relationship that included the growth to adulthood of three daughters, two of whom are married—yes, we planned both weddings—three high school graduations, three college graduations and sadly, the passing of our parents. For our families and close friends, marriage equality had brought a great deal of support and profound pent-up excitement for our potential wedding.

How did your family react?
Drue: Although we were anxious to have our relationship legitimized, our daughters had an additional emotion that we had not anticipated. For them it was to be an event that would legitimize their family; the lack of which had been of concern to them during their school years.

How did you involve your guests in the wedding festivities?
Drue: For the overwhelming majority of the 175 in attendance, we realized it meant airfare, hotel and rental cars. Many had never been to California, let alone San Diego. With all this in mind, we decided to provide several days of events that would showcase San Diego, enable families to combine it with a SoCal vacation and to provide a memorable experience with its own uniqueness.

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