Our advice: Start the year with a bottomless brunch NYC style.

As the saying goes, the way you start a new year sets the tone for the whole year ahead. For a lot of people, that means nursing a hangover. Thankfully, the saying doesn’t have any basis in reality.

But, however you spent the night before, you can also make the most of New Year’s Day and start the year out right.

Escape the crowds. More than likely, you spent NYE battling the heaving masses, to and from a party, at the party, in a queue for a cab… everywhere you went. Do something relaxing that doesn’t involve crowds of any sort.

Don’t let a late night get the better of you… getting out and about will always feel better, it’s just the first step that’s the hardest. It might be made easier if you know there are bottomless mimosas at the other end!

Start your new year’s resolutions on January 2nd. The first day of the year is for enjoying. Don’t feel guilty about it. You’re not leaving it until later, you’re setting a more realistic goal.

If you had to decide between one group of friends and another on new year’s eve, new year’s day is the perfect time to catch up with the other friends… They probably want to do the same.

Finally, the best advice is to pretend new year’s day really is how you’ll spend your year, and that’s why you should step aboard Hornblower’s New Year’s Day Brunch Cruise. Escape the crowds, and get out on the water as we serve up a delicious brunch buffet, free-flowing mimosas and a live jazz band. Make it a memorable day with the Manhattan skyline as your backdrop. Take photos as you cruise by the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Governors Island. Eat. Drink. Dance. Relax. Make it a great 2016.

The details:
January 1, 2016
Boarding: 1pm | Cruising: 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Prices starts at $70.00 per person
Book now!

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