Hornblower’s environmental program focuses on eco-friendly initiatives year round.

April 22nd is here, but that hasn’t stopped Canada’s most memorable experience from showing its green colours year round. Since we launched six years ago, we have not only been charting the course for daytime boat tours and nighttime cruises in Niagara Falls, Canada but also setting an example for a greener and more sustainable boat tour company across North America.
In 2005, Hornblower Cruises and Events launched ‘Respect Our Planet’ which is as a company-wide environmental and education program designed to integrate environmental, health and safety, and quality management systems to better serve the planet and public and leave it a better place than when we began. The initiative shapes sustainability measures, such as sourcing green products, using reclaimed and eco-friendly materials in new vessels, improving fuel efficiency and incorporating wind, solar, and hybrid technology into vessels when possible. Respect Our Planet also educates guests on Hornblower’s green efforts and shares suggestions for sustainable living.
Today, Hornblower continues to protect and conserve the natural resources and ecosystems in which our business depends. Here are some of the examples of how our operation has implemented eco-friendly practices:
Cleaner Fuel — The Niagara Thunder and Niagara Wonder catamarans are powered by Tier 3 Scania engines that burn clean biodiesel fuel.

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Paperless Tickets — Digital ticketing options have been expanded with a promotional push to “scan from a smartphone” to reduce the amount of paper used.
Poncho Management — Thousands of red ponchos are used every day on a Hornblower Niagara Cruise to the base of the Horseshoe Falls. After use, the ponchos are collected in Hornblower’s recycling bins and are compacted on-site before they are picked up by a recycling company and given a new life. What was once a red poncho could be tomorrow’s cell phone case, a patio chair, or even playground equipment.

Guest #InTheMist aboard the Voyage to the Falls Boat Tour

No Plastic Straws — We made the move last season to stop using plastic straws at our concession stands and now use compostable paper straws from a Toronto-based company.
Sustainable Eating — The containers used to serve food for items like hamburgers, french fries or hot dogs — can contribute to overflowing landfill sites. We have also moved to compostable hamburger boxes, hot dog holders and flexcones for our tasty fries.
Waste Diversion — For every 10-pounds of waste generated by Hornblower Niagara Cruises and its guests, nearly nine pounds is diverted from going to the landfill. This diversion rate is the
result of comprehensive and extensive recycling and composting programs at Hornblower. This allows to save precious space in landfills and contribute to producing new and useful products from what was previously considered garbage.
Smart Paper Use — Printing has been reduced in our administrative offices and all
promotional brochures are now printed on FSC paper made from recycled materials.
Community Support — We love getting involved in our community! We are a proud community supporter, happily participating in tree planting initiatives and clean sweep programs to make Niagara Falls a cleaner, more environmentally sustainable city.

Hornblower Niagara Cruises employees participate in the City Clean Sweep event.

For information on Respect Our Planet, visit http://www.respectourplanet.com/whatwedo.aspx