City Harvest has been responsible for providing millions of meals to New York’s hungry and Hornblower is proud to be associated with them to supply food and help out those who are in need.

Hornblower donated 165 pounds of food to City Harvest during February and we continue to donate every week. It’s a small part but we know it’s important to give back to the community that we care about.

City Harvest pioneered food rescue in 1982 and now helps feed the almost 1.4 million New Yorkers that are facing hunger. They deliver around 136,000 pounds of food on a daily basis to various food programs throughout the city. This adds up to around 50 million pounds a year, and throughout their history have delivered more than 500 million pounds of food that would otherwise have been wasted.

Many may not know this but nearly 20% of New Yorkers currently live in poverty, but it costs City Harvest just 26 cents to rescue and deliver a pound of food, and 93 cents of every dollar donated directly supports their programs fighting hunger in New York City.

Food rescue is the process by which surplus food is procured and safely collected from all different types of businesses and organizations just like Hornblower Cruises & Events!

City Harvest says that 40% of all food produced goes to waste, which seems like, well, a waste, especially when there are people going hungry. Organizations like City Harvest redirect this food from waste to the people who need it.

Hornblower is happy to be part of a solution and helping out people in our very own community.

You can learn more about food rescue at their website

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