The big company holiday party is coming up, and you need the perfect outfit. You don’t want to be that guy wearing the Santa costume or that girl who has half the office staring at her for all the wrong reasons. Find that happy medium where you can look merry and bright, and ready to embrace the holiday spirit and dance with co-workers.

The main thing is to dress appropriately, whether that means wearing a tuxedo or just a casual pair of jeans. If your party is held at a five star hotel, you might opt for the suit or tux, but if it’s going to be beer and poppers at the bowling alley, jeans are probably more appropriate. The beauty of having a holiday party on a Hornblower yacht is that you can set the expectation based on your theme or company culture.

No matter the location – you can spice it up a bit from your usual office attire. Shorten hemlines, lower v-necks, and tighten dresses – but not TOO much. Remember this is still a business event. Instead try out a splash of color, a little shimmer or glittery accessory. And for the men, now would be a great time to up your game. Nothing too crazy, just a little something extra.

Remember to keep it classy!

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Photos Used Via Pinterest and Photographer HALEY SHEFFIELD


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