Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario and the largest city in Canada has become a top destination for events. With its vibrant cityscape, diverse cultures, and picturesque waterfront, Toronto provides an ideal setting for celebrating love and new beginnings. Planning to get married in T.O.? Well, when it comes to hosting a rehearsal dinner in this iconic city, it doesn’t get any better than the unique charm of City Cruises. Imagine a night under the stars surrounded by your closest loved ones, sailing through Toronto’s scenic harbour, while indulging in delicious cuisine and creating unforgettable memories. A City Cruises rehearsal dinner provides an abundance of picturesque moments against the stunning Toronto skyline. Let’s explore the magic of hosting a rehearsal dinner aboard a City Cruises vessel in the heart of Toronto.


Toronto skyline at sunset.


A Toronto Rehearsal Dinner Venue for the Ages

City Cruises offers a selection of floating venues in the form of luxury yachts and well-appointed vessels, each offering a unique experience for your rehearsal dinner. From small and intimate gatherings to large and grand celebrations, you can choose the perfect boat that suits your guest list and preferences. Picture stepping aboard a beautifully adorned ship and being greeted by a warm and welcoming staff, surrounded by the sparkling lights of Toronto’s skyline, creating an ambiance that’s nothing short of magical. With the city’s iconic landmarks as your backdrop, you can expect to have a rehearsal dinner, or any wedding-related event for that matter, that will leave a lasting impression.


Le yacht Northern Spirit amarré à quai à Toronto


City Cruises Customization Options and Packages

One of the advantages of hosting a rehearsal dinner event with City Cruises Toronto is the customization options and different packages available to you. The flexibility in crafting your ideal event is endless. You can begin your journey with a sunset cruise, where you and your guests can enjoy breathtaking views as the sun dips below the horizon. After all, what better way is there to set the stage for a romantic setting than a sunset on the water? The team at City Cruises can work with you to select from certain packages or customize your selections to suit your vision, ensuring a personalized and seamless experience. From menus to bar options to themes and decorations, to entertainment, and more, City Cruises will guide you through every process and selection, ensuring every detail is addressed.

Two people having hor d'oeuvres on boat deck with Toronto in background.Transform the City Cruises venue into a personalized party for the couple and their guests by incorporating unique decorations and personal touches. You and your partner can coordinate with the event planning team to enhance the yacht’s ambiance with flowers, candles, cultural decorations, and other elements that reflect the couple’s style. Consider incorporating the wedding theme into the rehearsal dinner decor or creating a nautical-inspired ambiance to align with the cruise setting.

When it comes to onboard entertainment, several options complement the scenic backdrop and add to the joyous atmosphere. Consider hiring a live band or DJ to set the mood and keep the energy high as you cruise through Toronto’s harbor. Engage your guests with interactive activities, such as personalized trivia games about the couple, or a dance floor for those who want to celebrate under the stars, or other games that can be enjoyed on the yacht’s deck.


Say “I Do” to Your Toronto Rehearsal Dinner Menu

City Cruises takes pride in its culinary offerings, promising a rehearsal dinner that is a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Collaborate and create a menu that reflects your tastes and preferences, or select from the chef-prepared menu options, whether you’re looking to have a buffet or a plated meal. Enjoy delectable appetizers, gourmet main courses, and decadent desserts, as everyone toasts to the happy couple with a selection of fine wines or signature cocktails, enhancing the celebratory atmosphere on board.


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toronto private eventsHosting a rehearsal dinner on the water doesn’t mean sacrificing convenience. Accessibility is a priority, ensuring that your event is easy to plan and attend. The dedicated event planning team at Croisières en ville à Toronto will assist you every step of the way, from initial inquiries to the day of the event. Their expertise ensures that logistical details, such as boarding times and guest accommodations, are seamlessly handled, allowing you to focus on enjoying the celebration.

The combination of a stunning backdrop and personalized service on a yacht in one of the most interesting cities in the world offers a celebration that transcends the ordinary. From the moment you step aboard to the final “pre-wedding” toast under the stars, a City Cruises rehearsal dinner promises to be a cherished memory for the couple and everyone in attendance. Fill out this form and one of City Cruise’s experienced event planners will contact you to get the planning process started!