Last Saturday, Hornblower Cruises & Events in San Diego began a new season of whalewatching cruises! So far we’ve spotted the first migrating Eastern Pacific Gray Whales off the coast of San Diego. Most of the grays are traveling south to the Calving Lagoons in Baja California, Mexico. One young Gray Whale seemed to be turned around and headed north, which is very unusual for this time of year. The biggest suprise, was a Humpback Whale mother with her newborn calf swimming close by her side. While we often see humpbacks, it is extremely rare to see a calf this far north. We also spotted hundreds of Dolphins (Common, Pacific White-sided  and Bottlenose), California Sea Lions and many seabird species during our cruises. Soon we’ll have many more Gray Whales migrating along our coast, making this the perfect time to go whale watching. See our current Sightings Report.

Hornblower San Diego is offering two Whale and Dolphin Watching Cruises every day through April 19, 2020. Our premium whale watching cruises provide comfortable indoor and outdoor areas along with panoramic views of migrating whales along with several species of playful dolphins, California Sea Lions, and seabirds and other sea life. Naturalists (“Whalers”) from the San Diego Natural History Museum are onboard each cruise to help educate guests about the marine life off the coast and in the bay.

We recommend reservations since many whale watching cruises sell out, especially on weekends. Book your cruise today!