Do you ever wonder what happens when you have 23 of YouTube’s top vloggers and bloggers aboard a Hornblower catamaran? Twenty-three Amazing experiences! On October 26th, 23 highly energetic, young, creative and very talented social media bloggers and vloggers hopped aboard the catamaran for the last boat ride of the day to experience what all the buzz is about. The vloggers and bloggers were part of Buffer Festival, an annual theatrical showcase that celebrates international video content from the world’s most acclaimed creators on Youtube.  

See their visit to Hornblower Niagara Cruises. Visit our YouTube page. 


Watch the clip from the Buffer Festival recap: 

If social media is not your forte and the terms ‘vlog’ and ‘blogs’ don’t ring a bell, we will gladly fill you in.  Blogs are a social story and online forum to communicate to followers, guests, your audience what’s newsworthy and exciting to share. Vlogs are similar but are recorded and shared by video and most usually shared to the world’s famous site for videos, Youtube. Take Julie Vu for instance, she has more than 336,704 followers all following her, her journey and stories. 

Today there are millions of YouTubers who create their own channels and showcase anything from makeup, travelling, cooking, fashion, car collecting and much more.


In total, over 75 Youtubers who travelled from around the world gathered at the Hyatt Regency  in Toronto, Ontario from October 23 to October 25th for a series of events including ‘Creator Day’, Gala Red Carpet, Gala Premiere Screening and screenings and meet ups. Media and of course those looking to pursue film were encouraged to attend the event. In 2014, more than 10,000 people came out for Buffer Festival. 

When The 25 of the 75 YouTubers arrived in Niagara Falls for action-packed afternoon, they didn’t just explore Hornblower Niagara Cruises they also explored the Niagara Helicopters, a Niagara-on-the-Lake winery, Journey Behind the Falls and Hornblower NIagara Cruises. 


See some of the footage from our YouTubers



Follow some of the Youtubbers at:

Adrianna DiLonardo – @gaywomenchannel

Sarah Rotella – @gaywomenchannel

Alayna Fender – @missfenderr

Hannah Witton – @hannahwitton

Daniel Coz – @itsdanielcoz

Matthew Watts – @vivalawatts

Khyan Mansly – @khyan

Rob Scallon – @robscallon

Julie Vu – @princessjoules

Siya Zarrabi – @siyazarrabi

Shawn Ahmed – @uncultured

Kristen Sarah – @HTglobe

Nadine Sykora – @heynadine

Corey Vidal – @coreyvidal

Rachel David – @rachelrdavid

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